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America’s Heartland Will Host the Real Showdown Over Immigration Reform


WASHINGTON, May 17  Senators from both parties announced an agreement this afternoon on immigration-reform legislation that would bring illegal immigrants and their families “out of the shadows and into the sunshine of American life,” as Senator Edward M. Kennedy put it.
New York Times</span>

(L-R) Chertoff, Bush and Gutierrez discuss immigration bill
(Source: NYTimes)

The bill, by Senator Kennedy’s own admission, is far from perfect but there’s no sense in saying anything because it’s not the final bill. We still have to wait and see what happens in the House next week, and I have a feeling that is where the real “show” will take place.

But the fact is the government is finally moving on crafting an immigration bill.

Which leads me to wonder what will happen in all those towns and states that have passed their own immigration ordinances.

Will they happily scrap those laws that are now on their official books or will they carry on “business as usual.”

After all the fighting and threats, it will be hard for some towns to heal, especially if the House actually passes a bill in close agreement with what the Senate passed.

Yeah, there may be a show next week in the House but the real showdown will take place in the Farmers Branch and Hazelton towns across the nation.

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