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AZ Latino GOP’s actions underscore fallacy that all Latinos are the same

LatinaLista — News today that the first Hispanic group filed a federal motion in an Arizona court supporting SB 1070 and wanting to intervene with the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against the immigration bill has stirred up a lot of attention.


It’s to be expected.

After all, Latinos are supposed to all think the same way and vote the same way. We all speak Spanish, eat tortillas, have brown skin, have an uncle named Junior and are Catholic, right?

If you didn’t get the sarcasm in the above statement then you don’t know Latinos. Suffice it to say that we are all individuals with our own opinions. Some detest SB 1070 and others obviously don’t see anything wrong with it.

The media’s reaction to the court filing by the Arizona Latino Republican Association underscores the propensity of the media to pour all Latinos into one neat mold. When that mold is broken, rather than recognize it for what it is, charges of rogue Latinos are levied against the “breakaway group.”

But it’s not the case.

While in this instance, it’s not the kind of action polls are showing that the majority of Latinos agree with, it’s not cause to make anymore out of it than what it is — a group of Arizona Republicans who want to show their solidarity with their state party, and they happen to be Latino.

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  • alvin cortez
    July 22, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    You’re wrong, Marisa, there are far more Latinos than those in Arizona that oppose illegal immigration and support Arizona in their efforts. It’s only because of the organizational efforts of the La Raza’s that it appears that the majority support your positions. It’s only the ranting left-wing Latinos that presume to represent the majority that are having their way in Democratic congress in the White House. The rest of us are being ignored, as we don’t have pretensions to political power like the Latino caucus, the MALDEFS, La Razas, et al. As soon as the Obama agenda is castrated by the new Republican congress next year, you won’t hear a peep out of these people.

  • Chicano future tense
    July 23, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    The poll referred to in LL’s article does indicate strong Latino support of immigration reform as well as rejection of Arizona HB1070.Latino rejection of HB1070 even goes so far as supporting strong actions which could result in boycotting certain state interests as well as particular events such as the 2011 All-Star game.
    As polls indicate,most Latinos perceive Arizona HB1070 as repugnant and offensive,a direct threat to Democracy-to Latino liberties and freedoms.
    This is a healthy,normal..human.. response to racist and xenophobic legislation which threaten the Constitutional rights of Latinos through racial profiling.The people are right.
    It is to be expected that the main stream media will reflect prevalent racial ethnic prejudices and stereotypes existing in American society.I for one never expect the MSM to tell it like it really is.They are definitely biased-unfair and unbalanced.For the most part the MSM are corporate owned whores who dance to the tune of their owners whims,prejudices,economic and political interests.
    Latinos are not immune to class conflict.
    In that respect they are as any other people subject to similar political,social,class forces and conflicts.
    Having lived in Latin America for years I can say that there are hideously evil Latin rulers who maintain power through violence, repression,assassination and parasitic crony networks of corruption.
    Then there are the vast masses of the wretched Latin poor who live in abject poverty and fear.They suffer immensely profound oppression from the hands of their own national tyrants of whom many have been directed,supported and aided by the USA.
    Latinos in the USA are not exempt from the dynamic of class conflict.
    Latin America or the can’t fool the’s the same old thing..the greedy selfish opportunists..los comprados.. who ally themselves with the privileged wealthy and powerful,those who will usually betray and oppose the interests of their people in order to curry favor and ingratiate themselves with the dominant rulers.Their loyalty is usually rewarded with a certain guarantee of money,power,position and privilege..that is they become petty junior partners in maintaining the status quo.They will get the chump change and a few crumbs thrown at them from the rulers banquet table.Fortunately,such people are almost always rejected by their own people who grow to perceive them as the archtypical ever present los vendidos.
    Speaking from the Latino street,that Latino Republican group who joined forces with the likes of Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce,Governor Jan Brewer,The Minutemen and Tea Party movement to block the lawsuit to stop Arizona HB 1070,will earn the enmity and stigma of being Los Vendidos.

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