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Greyhound bus line offers “Travel Stimulus Package”

LatinaLista — Traveling can be such a hassle: if you drive yourself, you have to put up with traffic headaches and putting extra miles on your car. If you fly, going through airport security can be another kind of hassle, not to mention the expense of the ticket.

There’s another option — Greyhound buses. It seems the folks at Greyhound have created their own stimulus package and dubbed it The Travel Stimulus Package. There are restrictions that you’ll need to check on their website for but, all in all, the discounts and bargains are enough for anyone to take a second look.

Friends and Family Companion Fare: Up to three companions can travel at 50 percent off with the purchase of one adult standard walk-up fare. A three-day advance purchase is required.
* 10-Day Advance Purchase Fare: 10-day advance purchase fares are 75 percent off adult standard walk-up fare. Every day, 250 tickets will be available for purchase until they are sold out.
* Expanded On-Line Discounts: Fares are priced at a 20-percent discount off the adult standard walk-up fare.
* Holiday Bounce-Back Coupon: For all tickets sold in terminals during the holiday period (Dec. 15 – Jan. 5), customers will receive a coupon for 20 percent off their next trip during the redemption period (Jan. 6 – March 31). 

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