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CELINA campaign strives for more Latinas to be included in Obama Administration

LatinaLista — Unlike past new administrations where the rule of thumb in getting a job has been based on “who you know,” the Obama-Biden Administration is changing the whole process. No surprise!

The Obama/Biden Administration aims to be all inclusive.

For starters, they created where they’ve been trying to be as transparent as possible in the creation of this administration. The site also has a “jobs” section where people are invited to apply for various positions within the administration.
The recognition that one has to be truly qualified to get a position in the administration goes without saying but, as we all know, a lot of qualified people get passed over because they don’t have anyone advocating for them.
That’s where CELINA comes in — the Campaign to Ensure Latina Inclusion in the Next Administration
This week, the campaign, spearheaded by two prominent Latina organizations — the National Hispana Leadership Institute (NHLI) and PODER Pac — held a teleconference call to help Latinas with the application process.
The organizations want to increase the visibility of Latinas in the administration and have vowed to help all those Latinas who are qualified and want to be a part of history.

If you are interested in being considered for a position in the Obama Administration, you need to apply at first.
After submitting your resume to, you may send your resume to Please write Latina Representation in the New Administration in the subject line.
NHLI will be taking names and resumes and compiling a Latina list to present to the Transition Team and ensure it is included in other Latino and Women’s lists. Candidate’s resumes will be promoted through the various channels that are organizing efforts.

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