Clinton Wins Texas Debate

LatinaLista — The Pew Hispanic Center released an analysis today about the role of Latinos in the 2008 Democratic Presidential primaries.
The consensus is Latinos are the pivotal voters to swing the selection of either Clinton or Obama.

The Democratic contenders spar in their only face-to-face debate before the Texas March 5 primary.

The report authenticates something that has been the buzz of this election thus far —Â

In a year when the turnout in the Democratic primaries and caucuses has
risen sharply across the board, Latinos have been a growing share of the
turnout in 12 of the 15 states for which exit polling permits a comparison
between 2008 and 2004. The most noteworthy increase came in
California, where Latinos were 30% of all Democratic primary voters on
Feb. 5, compared with their 16% share in 2004.

Yet, regardless of what the analysts say about what Latino voters will do, it must be remembered that the burden still lies with candidates to show their worthiness.
One of the best ways to evaluate presidential worthiness is when candidates debate.
Tonight, Senators Clinton and Obama are debating at the University of Texas at Austin in a CNN/Univision debate.
The debate is half over and while both are making a strong showing, one is stronger than the other.
It’s clear that while Obama can mesmerize arena-size crowds with his smooth speech and anecdotes, he hesitated in the delivery of his responses.
Clinton, maybe because of her experience, delivered with a confidence that Obama had to work his way into by the end of the debate.
For all the venom she elicits from some corners, Clinton is a strong candidate and knows her stuff. Her crowning moment was her last remark of the night when she sounded like she was choking up in telling Obama that she “was honored” to be in race with him.
Though her sincerity is bound to be called into question by her critics, the response appeared heartfelt — for one night.
In our opinion, Clinton had the stronger performance in tonight’s debate in Texas.

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  • Jax
    February 21, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    You’re wrong.

  • Laurie
    February 21, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    Dear Marisa,
    Thank you for your article. You mention early on, though, that you were writing your article after having seen only half the debate. I think your article would have been much stronger ( and more
    persuasive ) if you waited until the end of the debate. I thought both candidates performed well. It was not surprising in Clinton’s case. She has always been more comfortable with the debating format. What was so striking about this particular debate is that Obama did so much better than he has done before in the previous debates. He looked comfortable, assured, and Presidential. This was something that was mentioned by all four political commentators on CNN, so I was rather surprised that you didn’t mention it as well. There is no question that both Clintons have had a long-earned advantage and identification within the Hispanic community. But I also think that Obama is making inroads within the community, particularly among the younger Hispanic voters. The latest polls in Texas show that both Obama and Clinton are pretty much even in the state. If that is an accurate measurement, Obama would not have been able to achieve that without significant gains within the Latino community. We’ll have to wait until Match 4, of course, and the exit polls, but I have a feeling something quite historic will take place, and I think Obama’s increasing popularity within the Latino community will be one of the factors for his victory. Again, thank you for your article, Marisa. I look forward to reading future articles, as I am interested in your opinion during this next two rather fascinating weeks in the campaign up until the Texas vote.

  • bob
    February 22, 2008 at 12:43 am

    I agree! I think she’s wonderful.
    And she clearly demonstrated what a uniting force she is. She would be a fantastic president.

  • Joan
    February 22, 2008 at 8:19 am

    I thought she came out at the very end with a goal for herself. But both my head and my heart is with Barack Obama – I truly believe is the great hope for the U.S. and the world~
    I wish you a fair wind at your back, Mr. Obama.

  • Frank
    February 22, 2008 at 9:15 am

    Geesh, what are Whites and Blacks and other Non-Hispanic Americans, chopped liver? Nearlly all the comments in here are about the Hispanic vote. It is as though the rest of us don’t exist and our votes don’t count. As I said before Hispanics only account for about 40 million vs 260 million Non-Hispanics in this country. Hispanics have always had one of the lowest turnouts at the polls and the U.S. Census counts illegal aliens in with that 40 million figure and they can’t vote.
    Why so much importance put on a minority voting bloc?

  • Texas Proud
    February 22, 2008 at 10:28 am

    When you first log onto this blog it says “Anything and Everything from a Latina Perspective”. So yes a lot of the responses are going to be directed to the hispanic community. Also if you have been following the the race from the beginning every state has a different community that is targeted. It’s not that everyone else is irrelevent it’s just that now everyone can see that Hispanics and every other minorty group are relevant.
    This is an exciting time in our country. Everyone young and old, rich, middle class or poor, black, white, hispanic, asian, everyone can feel it. We as minotries feel that finally our voices are heard and our vote does count. The politicans can see now that it’s not just up to the lobbiest and the rich to get them in office but up to the normal every day people.
    I’m sure you’ll come back with one of your anti hispanic comments but just remember we aren’t going anywhere. We are here to stay and no matter what you think of us. We are Americans and this is our home!!

  • Daniel
    February 22, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    Her comments were based upon the whole speech as she noted points that occurred at the end of the speech. She was just stating that Clinton was stronger half way through and still when it was all over.

  • Evelyn
    February 22, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    Poor Frankie, he feels left out.
    The name of this forum (LATINA LISTA), should have been a dead giveaway to you that it wasnt going to be a forum where you would be comfortable discussing Sears white sheet sale as next years wardrobe, or planting burning crosses in someones front yard as good old redneck Saturday night fun.
    Go back to Mod B. and Mother Lode where those issues are the topic of the day.
    Hispanics may only account for a minority in this country but they are going to play a major roll in deciding who our next president will be.
    I guess you are pretty disappointed your candidate was ousted before the voting started, Speaking of your candidate what was his name again..???..gosh I had to go look it up. Tancredo yes.
    I know many of you are wishing Lou Lie Dobbs would run. (I saw the statement by another one of your unscroupulous leaders asking you to flush your SSI check into his pocket.) It would give me great satisfaction to see him torn to shreds just like the other bigot….what was his name…..O yeah Tancredo.
    Say before you fork over your check, make sure these guys don’t dupe you out of your money like they did with the thousands of dollars they collected from you guys to build a double border steel fence, 16 feet high, with a road in between, all across AZ.. turned out to be a very short 5 strand cow fence.

  • Frank
    February 22, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    Texas, I don’t make anti-Hispanic comments. All of our votes count and should. There is no one particular group who is going to make or brake this election and that was my point.

  • Frank
    February 22, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    So one has to resort to nasty, hateful remarks again? How childish and immature.
    Hispanics are not going to play anymore important role in this election than any other group. To state so is very arrogant.
    No one collected any money from me for a cow fence. The fence of which you speak was only supposed to protect certain rancher’s properties. It had nothing to do with the double layer fence approved by congress to be built several hundred miles long on our southern border. Know what you are talking about before making yourself look stupid. Stop accusing others of things you have no knowledge of either. There is no end to your hatred and immaturity, is there?

  • Alice Rea
    February 22, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    To All Americans:
    I would like to add my comment:
    Hillary is superior to Obama. There is no comparisn.
    We need to look at the facts as would would any resume for the most important job in the WORLD.
    l.}Hillary wants Universal Health Care
    Obama does NOT
    2.}Hillary has and will continue to help Latinos.
    She has and will continue to do that plus more.
    3)Hillary is a Democrat
    Obama is a Democrat but not seasoned enough to pull his weight
    4)Hillary will FIGHT for Latinos
    Obama is trying to win an election. We don’t know what he can and will do.
    Go to Hillary’s website and check her out to examine her issues.
    She’s the best for the job and don’t forget her husband which will only benefit all of the WORLD. He is truly loved everywhere.
    Thanks for listening. Now go vote for Obama. Forget this Obama movement.

  • laura
    February 22, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    For me, the moderator won the debate. Not Hillary, not Barack.
    He asked the two candidates if as president they would end the ICE raids (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) on family homes and workplaces. He stated that these raids have torn apart so many families of the three million American children with at least one undocumented parent. Since they both are hoping for the Latino vote, they both said yes !
    Putting this critically important issue on the table in a nationally televised debate was strong. It is a testimony to the moderator’s integrity and good sense, and to the strength of Latina/o voters who have made clear that they are a force to be reckoned with. It is also a testimony to the decency of the majority of the American public, who do follow the demagogues of hate and of “deport ’em all.” The winds have shifted.
    I remember in November when two NPR journalists, Michelle Norris and Steve Inskeep, asked the Democratic candidates in a debate whether US citizens should “turn in” “illegals.” I have a special contempt in my heart toward these two journalists since then. Three months ago, that kind of Nazi-language (we should turn in the Jews that keep hiding among us) was apparently NPR-acceptable. I doubt they would be asking that question now.
    Let’s face it: neither Obama nor Clinton will do anything for Latina/os if they don’t have to. Hillary said yesterday for the first time that she would bring up comprehensive immigration reform her first 100 days in office. I remember clearly how she specifically said earlier that it wouldn’t be on her agenda her first year in office. Remember she said she is against drivers’ licenses for undocumented people ? (And I read it was her staff that hammered NY governor Spitzer to withdraw his proposal for drivers’ licenses, until he did.).
    Again: Obama won’t do anything for us either, unless he has to. He is not a bad man. That’s just the way politics works.
    By the way – why bother addressing “Frank” etc ? Why waste time and bytes ? Do we not have important issues to clarify among people of good will and fair intentions ?

  • adriana
    February 22, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    How has Hillary Clinton fought for Latinos?
    She has waffled on the driver’s license for undocumented residents issue. She never talks about the digital divide in our communities or addresses our high incarceration rates. Her husband signed NAFTA without worker protections — you would think that she might have urged him to do otherwise. She failed to bring us universal health care back in the early 90s. I haven’t heard her talk about the high drop out rates of Latinos in high school and in college.

  • Honey
    February 22, 2008 at 9:57 pm

    GOD help us if either Hillary or Obama is elected president.

  • Evelyn
    February 23, 2008 at 2:06 am

    Being the author of many posts containing nasty hateful remarks, you would know Frank. That is all you and all the other racists have been doing for the past 3 yrs.
    I guess you missed the following statement in the article posted by Marisa “The consensus is Latinos are the pivotal voters to swing the selection of either Clinton or Obama.” which is the same as my statement, that Hispanics were going to play a major roll in this presidential election.
    As you can see by my aggressive arrogant posts, we are not going to take it any more. We were told the only way to fight fire is with fire. If you cant take the heat stay out of the fire.
    I do feel bad because I have to lower myself to your level and wallow in the mud. Than I think of all the people you and those of your ilk have hurt with your lies. I see the faces of the children who have been left without parents because you hate them and it makes me angry and sad at the same time. There are millions of Americans that are not Hispanics that feel the same way I do.
    On the minutemen issue, the only person that is going to look stupid is you. I don’t understand why you would defend such despicable people. All of you are an embarrassment to the human race.
    On the minutemen website, Cris Simcox, the founder of the minutemen, asked for donations to build a 2,000 mile state of the art fence, at a cost of 55 million dollars.
    Simcox referred to the fence as an “Israeli-style” fence, similer to the barrier Israel has erected to keep Palestinians from crossing the west bank.
    One man actually mortgaged his home and contributed $100,000 to the project. Groundbreaking day some minutemen leaders were stunned, when they realized what they were building was going to be a cow fence. It was a five strand barbed wire fence.
    These former minutemen lieutenant’s told CNN news they believed the groundbreaking was a ploy by Simcox to raise even more money. When these minutemen questioned Simcox, he fired them.
    Simcox now says he never promised to build a high tech fence. Mike Gadde, minuteman coordinator of the New Mexico chapter, said Simcox kept most of the money for himself.
    The man who mortgaged his house to help build the fence is suing Cris Simcox president and co founder of the minuteman for fraud and breach of contract. He is asking for $1,200,845 in damages and reimbursements from Simcox.
    Follow the money Ruckus on the Right

  • Frank
    February 23, 2008 at 7:41 am

    I agree more with Hillary’s healthcare plan than Obamas as it makes it mandatory for all Americans to purchase healthcare insurance. Under Obama’s plan who is going to pick up the tab for those who don’t purchase it?
    I am troubled by any ethnic group who thinks they have special needs and those candidates that say they will pander to a certain group if they get elected. I don’t think that any ethnic group has special needs anymore. We are all Americans with the same needs.
    I do agree that Hillary is the more experienced and more desirable candidate of the Democrats.

  • Frank
    February 23, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    I have never initiated nasty, hateful remarks. That is a lie! If I do get attacked personally though I will retaliate to defend myself.
    Hispanics are not going to play a major role in this election as they don’t have the numbers right now.
    I also don’t know why you would defend such despicable people as those in the HB forum and in fact chime right in with them when they call white’s racists.
    The MM have never been convicted of a crime. They have never been convicted of hurting an illegal alien. Their only role in this is to spot illegals crossing our border and report them to the BP. That’s it! Lie all you want but that is the facts. Prove otherwise or shut your lying, racist mouth!
    You’re insults to me are going to end or you are going to get it right back from now on. Marisa is going to wish she had taken my advice and insisted on civility in here. You attack me first and you won’t get away with it any longer!!!!!
    What the hell are rambling to me about Simcox and some damn cow fence about? I had no part in that. Why can’t you just stick to debating illegal immigration and stop with the personal attacks on everyone in here who is for the rule of law? I don’t hate anyone and I am not a racist. You have no right to attack my character like that and you will not do it again without getting it right back in your hateful, childish face!
    Marisa, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I tried but I am not going to put up with her calling me a racist and other vile names in here just because I don’t agree with her point of view! It is your blog and your choice if you want cat fights in here. I won’t call Evelyn any names unless she STARTS it so be forewarned.

  • Marisa Treviño
    February 23, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    Frank and Evelyn, I have posted your recent comments because I don’t want to censor anyone but I would encourage, no, challenge would be a better word, for both of you to find some common ground.
    Find something to agree upon and work your way from there. Actually, this kind of experiment has been in the back of my mind for awhile to propose on the site.
    If you two don’t mind being the guinea pigs for this kind of approach, I think it would be an interesting approach to see if differences can’t be worked out.
    Start with one premise that you can agree upon and backtrack from the premise to see exactly where the differences lie.
    You may think it’s loco but it would be more constructive than what’s happening now.
    What do you say?

  • Frank
    February 23, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    Its ok by me, Marisa. I wish to debate civilly. I always have but I will not stand by anymore and allow Evelyn to attack my character, call me vile names and accuse me of things that are not true. She has initiated all these attacks on me first as I have said and all I have tried to do is defend myself. The ball is in her court now. No more insults and I become civil again.

  • Bill
    February 24, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    You are praising her closing remarks when she seemed to “choke up”? Her “closing remarks” were taken almost word for word from Edwards closing remarks. And yet she has the nerve to suggest that Obama used plagiarism.
    Want to see Sen. Clinton in action? Look at what she did to education when she was in charge in Arkansas.

  • Evelyn
    February 24, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    For a long time we have all witnessed the aggressive attacks and the use of lies to dehumanize Hispanics.
    Ignoring this issue, civil dialogue, exposing lies, and trying to find common ground has done nothing to stop these relentless attacks.
    When the extremist and racist messages of hate and discrimination against Hispanics is accepted by the public as a mainstream message, without any public embarrassment or concern, we must sound the alarm that as a country we are entering a new and dangerous phase in our democracy’s history.
    The dangerous political and social silence which we in the U.S. find ourselves today, is only allowing the voice of the extremists, whose message is filled with hate and fear, to be considered and given credence in the mainstream media and everyday language. The language of intimidation and hate must be condemned and called for what it is, nothing but evil bigotry and racism.
    An organization I belong to brought ex-members of hate groups (minutemen), to advise us on how to counter these attacks.
    We were all shocked to learn that these groups send members out to different website discussing immigration issues, to spread their message of hate. These people are coached on how to answer questions and make untruthful arguments. All these members have one thing in common, they hate Mexicans, which is what they call Hispanics.
    To fight this extreme racism we believe it is important to confront them on their own terms and follow them to which ever extreme they lead us, exposing them all the way. By doing this we have seen these racist groups loosing favor, while our side has gained momentum and support.
    The only names we call these people are those which they choose to envelop themselves in. Racist is one which does define their Ideology.
    Liar is also used because of their insistence on repeadetly using the same lies.
    If things have come this far, it is because I followed Frank, this far. I am open to any suggestions and will wait for his response. I have already tried on several occasions to engage in civil dialogue with Frank. He took advantage of my civility and compliments as a sign of weakness and attacked me. I will never address him by name again, but as long as I am allowed to post here, I cannot ignore the constant attacks against Hispanics, and will continue to expose any lies he or anyone else uses to dehumanize Hispanics.
    I will repeat the same promise I made to you the last time Frank complained to you. If you want me to leave I will gladly leave on my own without harboring any hard feelings toward you. Another thing you will never see me do is disrespect or threaten you with the use of vulgar language on your forum if someone were trying to expose my use of lies or racism. I would use common sense and stop it.

  • Frank
    February 25, 2008 at 8:35 am

    More lies. Evelyn has never tried to be civil to me and I have never attacked her unless she attacked me first.
    I have never attacked law abiding, legal Hispanics. Another lie. I do not hate Mexicans. Another lie. I do not belong to any groups like the MM and my views are my own even though in some instances my views may be similar to theirs or other groups. Yet she hangs out in a group that calls White people all kinds of vile names and says they should go back to Europe and in fact agrees with them and yet she “falsely” claims that I constantly demean Hispancs and gets all indignant about it? How hypocritical is that?
    If I choose to believe certain statistics, I am called a racist for it. Yet she is entitled to hers and she is not? I do not post articles in here demeaning Hispanics or illegals. My main argument is the rule of law of which she can’t stand because she can’t counter that argument, except to call even that, racist!
    Marisa, I can’t find common ground with someone who hates White people and hates this country and calls me a racist and a liar. It has to be her way or she can’t debate civilly. The answer is quite simple. She should ignore my posts and not reply to them and stop her personal attacks on me. As long as she does that, I won’t reply to her either. As I said the ball is in her court.

  • Evelyn
    February 25, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    Recently lies have been spread about me. Most of those lies I don’t care about because by looking at my posts they can be debunked.
    Two of those lies do preoccupy me because they portray me as racist, which is totally what I am against.
    One is that I hang out at another forum and call ‘white people’ vile names. I do post at another forum, I have never denied that, not just one more but three. When trolls are sent from forums where my accusers also post, we do call them what they are. The forum is a Hispanic forum and no one there will beat around the bush about calling a racist exactly what he or she is the minute they attack other ethnicity’s. Racists are mercilessly dealt with and immediately put in their place.
    First I want to point out that their are people of all ethnicity’s including Anglo
    who post on that forum. Some are Hispanics who are racest, and are dealt with in the same manner.
    The other lie is that I tell these racists to go back to Europe. Many European countries have everything some racists seek, which is to live in a country where only white people live and only English is spoken. It is my belief that the racists would be happier living in a country that is not as diverse as the U.S. I was told the other day that in New York 158 languages are spoken. Imagine that.

  • Frank
    February 26, 2008 at 8:21 am

    Now here is the REAL truth! The HB forum regulars call anyone who is opposed to illegal immigration, racists, xenophobes and even worse. They attack their intellect and their character in the worse possible way. The moderators are biased and let the pro’s sling as much mud as they want to and don’t interfere. If an anti flings the mud right back, not only do the pro’s gang up on them but the moderators join right into the mud fest. That is all it takes to be called a racist in there and that is to express a different point of view on illegal immigration and that is to have a negative opinon of it. Why is this a Hispanic issue to Hispanics? Illegal aliens are from all ethnic groups. If one chimes right in with the ethnocentric racists in there or doesn’t call them on their vile name calling then one is in agreement with them and is one of them. I could post many nasty remarks from HB that are identical to the remarks made in here.
    Aside from anyone’s political views in there they attack the whole white race with general negative stereotyping of them and call them names like crackers, rednecks and even worse call their children “crotchfruit”.
    The self-hating Aglos’s in there are married to Hispanics so they chime right in too. There are a couple of reconquistas in there, that keep saying that those of European ancestry are here illegally and that they should go home and that this country is theirs. If one doesn’t agree with that concept, they would speak up rather than remain silent. Afterall we are talking about Americans who were born here.
    It would only be some radical fringe groups or people who would advocate an English only country. I haven’t seen any of the non-ethnocentric Anglos in HB pushing for that. I only want English as our “official” language. That isn’t English “only”. Mexico has Spanish as it’s official language and so do many other countries have an official language. There is nothing racist about that.
    I also don’t advocate an all white country either and neither do most Anglos. But historically the USA has been predominantly white with a majority Anglo culture. Is there something wrong with wanting to retain that? I am sure Mexicans in Mexico want to remain Latino culturally. Nothing wrong with that at all.
    Yes, the demographics can shift in a country over a period of hundreds of years but when they shift due to illegal immigration from mostly one ethnic group, it is objectionable to the citizens of such country. Funny how those who call it racist for whites not to accept their own genocide in their own historically dominant countries but don’t have the least bit of problem with Latinos remaining the majority in their countries and retaining their languages and cultures. Latinos I believe are the historically dominant ethnic group in 22 countries. How many countries does one need to be the majority in to be satisfied?

    February 26, 2008 at 8:24 am

    New York, the land of Babel. Diversity is not always a good thing and in most cases it leads to conflict and confusion. Commonalities are traits that bind people together as a functioning society and language is the strongest of these traits. With a common language it is easier to exchange thoughts, ideas, feelings and that leads to greater understanding of individuals. No, Europe is not for me. I do not plan on fleeing to another country just because America may sometimes be hard to live in. America is my country of origin and I have all intentions of remaining here no matter how difficult things my get and try every day and in every way to make things better for me and my family right here in the good ole U.S.A. This may set a good example for those that abandon their mother country instead of trying to change it for the better.

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