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Illegal Immigrant: The New Catchall Phrase

LatinaLista — According to the online reference site, TheFreeDictionary, the term “catchall” means: “Something that encompasses a wide variety of items or situations.”

Big sorpresa that the newest catchall phrase quickly climbing the charts of popular usage in the English language is (drum roll here): ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

You think it’s exaggeration?

Well, it’s a safe bet that the term “illegal immigrant” has gone from being someone who is in the country illegally to being a term to encompass the closure, nonfunding or denial of certain services.

Group of undocumented immigrants rounded up for deportation.

The point was underscored in a recent story about a Texas county where the county commissioners voted to spend $500,000 more this fiscal year on medical care for the poor who live in their region.

By a 4-1 vote, the Collin County commissioners voted to give an additional $90,000 to nonprofit clinics that serve people who earn too much to get free public care. The Commissioners also approved $400,000 to let poor people get treatment at private walk-in health clinics.

The lone holdout to help the poor was a commissioner who just won re-election in last week’s elections. His reasoning for not voting for the extra money to help the poor in his area — he was afraid that some of the money would be used to treat “illegal immigrants.”

It was the same excuse used in a Georgia town for not funding a local library’s budget. The people were afraid the money would be used to buy books in Spanish for “illegal immigrants.”

It is clear that the attitude in the United States towards the undocumented has reached fanatical levels.

To deny services to our own citizens for fear that “illegal immigrants” would also benefit from them showcases the worst attitude any human being can exhibit towards another — extreme righteousness.

Not to mention a level of arrogance that elevates someone to thinking that because they don’t suffer hardships, no one else does either.

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