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New bilingual online platform helps DREAMers and other immigrants navigate, complete and file immigration paperwork

LatinaLista — Filing government or legal paperwork is a necessary eye-crossing task that most of us have to do more often than we like. Thank goodness we live in the tech age. Software and/or websites have been created to make the whole process easier and less time consuming. From figuring out how much we owe Uncle Sam to creating a will or starting a business, technology has opened the door to more people accomplishing these tasks that before would have cost most people a chunk of their paycheck, time and sanity.

Yet, for immigrants whose whole future in the United States depends on filling out pages of confusing legal paperwork, it’s important that it not only be done correctly but as cost-effective as possible given the high cost of immigration fees. For students known as DREAMers, their immediate future of getting a job and moving freely depends even more heavily on getting their paperwork right the first time.

Horror stories exist of immigrant families and DREAMers relying on others, who say they know how to navigate the required paperwork, left facing deportation because the forms weren’t filled out correctly. Not only are these immigrants facing deportation but some have usually paid their hard-earned money for nada.

San Francisco entrepreneur and son of Italian immigrants, Cesare Alessandrini, knew there was an easier way for all immigrants to fill out the paperwork they needed to stay in the United States. After all, if people could generate an online form to file their taxes or create a business, why not their immigration papers?

“My family and I have personally experienced the confusion and anxiety involved in completing immigration papers,” said Cesare Alessandrini. “I founded FileRight to help the millions of immigrants and DREAMers file their paperwork right.”

At FileRight, users find the document they need, fill it out online by answering some questions and then follow the step-by-step directions on how to file it correctly. Once it’s filed, all that’s left is to wait to hear from the government.

Alessandrini is so convinced that people will experience success with his platform that “he promises to reimburse customers the cost of FileRight fees plus their government filing fees (for DACA that’s $465) if their application is denied.”

The forms are available in both Spanish and English and tech support is promised 24/7.

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