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It’s time Latino groups served the GOP a “repudiation resolution”

LatinaLista — Ever since the NACCP issued a press release announcing that a resolution repudiating the “bigoted elements” within the Tea Party had been passed unanimously by its 2,000 delegates at their national conference, they’ve been receiving quite a bit of flack.

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Not surprisingly, the strongest criticism comes from Tea Partiers themselves who have passed their own resolution denouncing the NAACP charge and accusing the civil rights organization of being nothing more than a lapdog for the Democratic Party.

A diverse list of Tea Party members have contacted the media to say the Tea Party is not racist and has members from all ethnicities, and that’s true.

So, the question remains why haven’t these diverse members been more vocal in condemning the actions of the few who seem to turn up at Tea Party rallies spouting their own versions of patriotism?

If there had been a consistent response from the Tea Party leadership then such a resolution would not have been needed. As it is, because the Tea Party has chosen to remain mum on the issue and allow the extremists to be a part of their public gatherings the popular perception, whether they like it or not, is that the Tea Party is more concerned with advancing racist views than addressing “fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets,” as their Mission Statement claims.

Yet, in fairness, the Tea Party isn’t alone.

The same thing is happening within the Republican Party with some fringe GOPers taking the party down a radical path. It’s a path that includes attacking the integrity of Latinos and Latino immigrants and actively promoting the passage of laws, that if passed in another country, would be condemned by our government as oppressive, undemocratic and inhumane.

But in this case, it’s just considered politics.

Maybe that’s why the Hispanic membership of the GOP, for the most part, has either remained quiet on the issue or been in agreement that a true conservative agenda includes a No Tolerance policy when it comes to undocumented immigrants.

The ironic thing is that when it comes to cultural connection, Hispanic GOPers have more in common culturally with immigrants than the leadership of the party that politically leads them and which is intent to stave off a collaboration reforming immigration — which would actually begin the process of consolidating the two halves that now exist in the greater Latino community.

Most people agree that the NAACP’s resolution repudiating the Tea Party’s tolerance of racists within their groups is nothing more than words on paper, but it has achieved one thing — a higher awareness from within the group that they don’t want to be identified as such.

Maybe it’s time to do the same for the Republican Party.





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  • El Guapo
    July 15, 2010 at 4:28 am

    A little over two years ago John McCain repudiated some disparaging comments made about Barach Obama by hack talk show host Bill Cunningham. McCain was trying to direct Republicans to engage in a civilized political discourse.
    McCain paid for it. He was insulted by Cunningham. Those who wish to engage in the Limbaugh style of “us vs them” hate politics turned on McCain. It hurt McCain to stand up to that jerk.
    To rebuke racist remarks or counterproductive remarks and/or behavior from one’s own party takes courage and integrity. Let’s all hope that someone has the character to step up.

  • Texan123
    July 21, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    Being against Amnesty or being FOR enforcement of immigration law does not make anyone a racist. If any REFORM is needed, it has to be ENFORCEMENT REFORM, because obviously, the current lack of adequate enforcement has not discouraged more from coming.
    The new wave of illegal immigrants include violent gang members, drug and human smugglers and even members of terrorist groups who plan to kill Americans. Mexico does very little to control who crosses the U.S. Border. There is strong evidence now that known terrorists are coming across the border and are already here. This idea that our local police can not question immigrants about documents and status is very dangerous. This is a protection the terrorists are counting on as they plan to destroy America.
    If anyone cares about Americans or the American way of life, you would want to protect it. Instead, many of you fight any law that requires an immigrant to identify himself. Even worse is the Federal Government fighting Arizona’s right to protect her citizens. This government is refusing to protect her citizens against lawlessness and violence. Now the Feds want to make sure that the states can not protect themselves either.
    It does not matter if you are Latino, Anglo, African, Asian, or Indian. This uncontrolled immigration policy is dangerous and a national security risk.
    If you love this nation-STOP illegal immigration. The Feds won’t do it, who will?

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