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Online exercise proves you can pick the next president solely on issues

LatinaLista — Ever since Sen. John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, the numbers for the Republican ticket have skyrocketed. It’s to the point that polls from various states show either a dead heat between the two candidates or each candidate sharing the top spot in various states.
An obvious observation would be that the presence of Sarah Palin has excited a lot of voters which is good and bad. Good because like Hillary it will cause people to turn out to vote; bad because people may be voting more for gender diversity than actually looking at the issues and deciding between the two candidates who really matter in this race.

But how can a person really distinguish if their enthusiasm for either candidate is based on the people running or their stands on the issues?
Well, a new online feature co-sponsored by ABC News and USA Today, puts party loyalties aside and tests people on what this election is all about — what will the next President do to save this country.
In Match-o-Matic II, readers go through a series of statements made by both candidates on all the important issues. You click on which statement you agree with most. At the end of the little exercise, it’s revealed who you agree with more — McCain or Obama.
And in theory, that’s the ticket you should vote for come November.
However, since everything in this world is relative, it will be interesting to note how many voters will follow their heart or their head in this election.

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