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Ring etched with “Yes We Can” proves to be popular Obama election memento

LatinaLista — One day when historians look back at Barack Obama and his phenomenal win to become the 44th President of the United States, they will see that there were three little words used throughout his campaign that served to excite and motivate people — “Yes We Can!
It was a mantra that united people from all over. Some feel that those words need to be etched into the annals of time for posterity’s sake.

At least that’s what Jerry Biern, owner of Wedding Vow Rings, is hoping. Though Jerry creates all kinds of rings, he’s never created one specifically tied to a political win — until now.
Since creating the “Yes We Can” ring about four days ago, Jerry tells Latina Lista that the response has been so tremendous that he is “having trouble keeping up with the demand.”
Asked if the original phrase — “Si Se Puede” — could be substituted, Jerry replied, “Without a doubt.” In fact, Jerry went on to say that both English and Spanish versions could be etched on the outside of the same ring.
With a choice of metals ranging from titanium to 14 karat gold and a wide selection of widths, Jerry says people can customize the ring to look any way they want. Prices range from $200-$800, depending on the metal and width.
And while the phrase in English will be identified with Obama as the Spanish version is with Cesar Chavez, the words themselves prove to be a great constant reminder of what can be accomplished when you put your heart and mind to it — something we all could benefit from remembering more often.

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