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The Pope delivers a not so subtle message to Congress about immigration reform

LatinaLista — When it comes to politics and religion, there are few people who want to see their politicians be enslaved to do their church’s bidding at the expense of a diverse constituency. Yet, since religion is seen as the source of moral conscience, most people do hope their politicians are influenced by those teachings to some degree when voting for controversial issues.

So, it’s an interesting predicament that some of the most high-profile politicians in Washington, who happen to be Catholic, and cite their Catholic faith when it comes to Planned Parenthood funding or same-sex marriages, should find themselves on the wrong end of that faith in the immigration debate.

From Rick Santorum and Marco Rubio to John Boehner, each of these politicians has very clear moral convictions against two of the three issues. With the immigration issue, the justification to oppose it is because it’s against the law. Yet, they forget, or maybe they don’t know, that history, as well as the history of Catholicism, has numerous examples of what was right being outside the law.

They should know that Jesus was considered a criminal himself and not the savior who is worshipped today.

Catholic politicians, like these men, are running out of justifications in light of who decided to speak out for immigrants. Pope Benedict XVI declared today that he was pleased with how the Catholic community in the U.S. is opening its arms to new immigrants.

“The Catholic community in the United States continues, with great generosity, to welcome waves of new immigrants, to provide them with pastoral care and charitable assistance, and to support ways of regularizing their situation, especially with regard to the unification of families. A particular sign of this is the long-standing commitment of the American bishops to immigration reform,” Benedict said.

“This is clearly a difficult and complex issue from the civil and political, as well as the social and economic, but above all from the human point of view. It is thus of profound concern to the church, since it involves ensuring the just treatment and the defense of the human dignity of immigrants,” Benedict said.

It doesn’t get any clearer than this.

The politicians who oppose immigration reform may be on the side of the law but the Pope makes clear that they are on the wrong side of the Church.

The question must be asked: Whose law stands the test of time better?

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  • wavettore
    May 19, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    Science and Religion should ultimately be able to walk hand in hand.
    We should put aside the belief that to accept science means to also reject faith in God. Instead we should aim for an understanding of God that is not in contrast with science and while Religion could look beyond any scientific data no Religion should continue to exist only because it can speculate on the ignorance or misinformation of the people.
    The Progressive Science of Wavevolution reveals the existence of One God as it was not possible until now for Religions and traditional science.
    Wavevolution shows how the energy movement in atoms and in waves is identical.
    Thus, the Creation is revealed by one same movement.
    We can now define this behavior as One Law, or One Direction or also One Will since It remains unchanged from the beginning.  
    The source of attraction between two opposite and complementary elements is the same Law or Will that provides for the existence of One Order in the Universe.  
    All forms of energy in the Universe are orchestrated by a constant rearrangement of their magnetic fields as if they were the many pawns moving mechanically in One eternal Chess Game played by the same Hand.
    The discovery of the existence of One Universal Law and One Order in the Universe that had one beginning (at the Time of the Big Bang) not caused by Humankind confirm as a consequence the existence of One Creator.

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