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Whatever Happened to Rebecca Aguilar?

LatinaLista (In an ongoing miscarriage of justice that defies reason, Dallas-based Latina reporter, and my friend, Rebecca Aguilar is starting the new year still under suspension from her FOX News station. Her crime? Doing her job. The following is a column I wrote distributed by Hispanic Link through Scripps News Service.) There was nothing extraordinary

Canada: Canadians Create National Campaign to Fight for Regularization of Non-Status Immigrants

By Maria Luisa Grimaldi CANADA: The Hispanic Development Council, an umbrella organization of Toronto’s community organizations, has joined the campaign “Status Now” — a defense for people without (legal) immigration status. Through this campaign, the Council joins the collective effort of the different ethnic communities of immigrants, in support of the members of our Hispanic

Media Advisory: Conservative Columnists and Republican Campaigns Designate Undocumented Immigrants Scapegoats of 2008 Election

LatinaLista — If ever there was any doubt that undocumented immigrants would be the scapegoats of the 2008 presidential elections, there isn’t anymore. The writing on the wall is clear for what is the scapegoat issue of the 2008 presidential election. (Source: The proverbial “writing on the wall” has appeared, and it leaves no

Does There Exist a Wider Rio Grande Between Northern and Southern States on the Issue of Immigration?

LatinaLista — A recent ABC News article about John McCain campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire reveals some disturbing news about the electorates who will set the tone for this presidential race – they know next to nothing when it comes to U.S. Latinos, the U.S.-Mexico border, border security and undocumented immigrants. Sen. John McCain