Monthly Archives: February 2007

Not All Life’s Lessons Can be Learned from Telenovelas

LatinaLista — This morning, it was revealed that Univision, the nation’s largest supplier of Spanish-language imported programming, got slapped with a record $24 million fine from the Federal Communications Commission. It seems that Univision was lacking when it came to educational programming for children. It’s no surprise since the network’s moneymakers are the Mexican-made telenovelas.

Dallas Latino Middle School Students are Saying Cheese – But Nobody is Smiling; They’re Dying

LatinaLista — The emails started coming this past Monday: “Latino kids being targeted. Please help. Get involved.” That was the gist of a city-wide campaign in Dallas spearheaded by Latino community leaders when they heard the news of a 15-year-old Latino student, Oscar Gutierrez, who died last weekend after a long struggle with drug use.