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Is New Mexican Site Calling for Deportation of the Undocumented the Real Thing?

LatinaLista — It’s a well-known fact within Latino communities that the truest victims, who are most powerless in this immigration debate, are not the undocumented who are here or even the children born or brought here,  but the spouses and children left behind south of the border.

Too many times, the men who leave their wives and families behind – really leave them behind. As soon as they make it to this side, they conveniently get amnesia that they have a wife and children waiting. These men start new lives with new women on this side of the border, never sending the promised money home where it is desperately needed.

Never knowing what happened to their loved ones has been reason enough in the past, and I suspect the present, to force these women left behind to come looking for their husbands.

When they get here, they not only get their hearts broken but find themselves even more powerless than before with not knowing the language, in a strange country and at the mercy of their cheating husbands and even sometimes the new lovers.

So, when I read the news that a group of women in Mexico had banded together to make a living for themselves in their husbands’ absence, I believed it.

Scattered throughout Mexico are various co-ops where women are creating small businesses to bring in the money that never arrived as promised from their loser husbands.

Yet, when I arrived on the homepage of this site, the words

From the women and children of Mexico….
… the people of the U.S.A.

Enforce Your Laws definitely caught my attention.

Could these women be so fed up — and justifiably so — that they would make such a demand?

Reading further, I saw the letters, supposedly by the women who are now successful jewelry artisans, pleading with their husbands to return while demanding the United States close the border to illegal migration.

What really caught my attention was that these women are making a public plea for the U.S. to deport their husbands.

(only treat them in a humane manner – please do not hurt them)

This site is almost believable if it weren’t for the inclusion of the “Mexico-USA Illegal Migration News.”

Used as support for the deportation argument, it makes for odd content on a site that can’t seem to make up its mind whether or not to appeal for the return of their loved ones or be the “Mexican voice” for lawful entry into the United States — odd in and of itself.

But like with everything, the best way to clarify and verify anything is to go to the source.

An email address is provided on the site. I emailed it and the letter failed to deliver.

Maybe her inbox was full. Maybe.

But one thing is apparent — this is the kind of site made for the Lou Dobbs of the world to show that the US border argument even has supporters in Mexico.

It’s almost a kind of reverse propaganda psychology.

If that is the case, then a new chapter in this debate is being written — from across the border .

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