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Wal Mart sponsors essay contest to help get needed supplies to classrooms — but Friday, July 24 is deadline

Wal Mart sponsors essay contest to help get needed supplies to classrooms — but Friday, July 24 is deadline

LatinaLista — Across the country, summer vacation is winding down for millions of children and school will be back in session in a few short weeks.
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What has become a common problem is that many schools will be unable to supply their students with all the supplies they need. Taking their cue from Ty'Sheoma Bethea of J.V. Martin Junior High School in South Carolina, who wrote a letter to President Obama, who read it before the nation in his first address to Congress, asking for his help in getting her school the necessary supplies the students needed, Wal*Mart executives have decided to follow Ty'Sheoma's example.
They have created the Write to Change the Classroom essay contest.

Entrants can submit their 500-words-or-less letter at www.writetochangetheclassroom.com outlining their school supply needs (e.g. basic educational materials, classroom furniture, technology, etc.) and explaining how these materials will be used throughout the school year. Supply needs might include everything from new computers, to replacing aging, broken or depleted classroom supplies. All entrants must be at least 18 years of age. Any state-accredited elementary (K-6), junior high (7-8) and senior high (9-12) and traditional school is eligible to receive the supplies. The call for entries period will run from July 14 through July 24, 2009 -- 11:59 p.m. (EDT).
Selected finalists will receive $4,000-worth of school supplies to their designated classroom and an additional $4,000 toward supplies for their entire school. Essays will be judged on level of need, creativity and the positive impact these supplies will have on the school.

We realize that the essay contest ends tomorrow but we only now found out about it. However, with so many teachers having to pay for supplies out of their own pockets, we thought -- though there's only a little more than 24 hours left in the contest -- a worthwhile initiative to try and get the word out.
So if you know of a school that could really use some extra equipment or supplies -- what are you waiting for?

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