July 18, 2023

It really baffles the mind that the GOP think the majority of American voters, of all ages, think their anti-discrimination policies, anti-gender beliefs and anti-help-the-struggling are popular and what Americans want. The faction of the GOP, whose own self-interests, beliefs and self-preservation, dictating repulsive policies will find that their audience of 1 won’t help them win any elections. In fact, according to an Axios poll, the GOP have a real problem with young American voters; In today’s roundup, there are two separate headlines on the same issue – gun violence. In each, it was found that gun violence among young children and teens is preventable with very simple solutions; American voters really like to see both sides of the political aisle come together and one issue is proving to be that bridge; and Plastic pollution is a big problem. Yet, today’s children are of the plastic generation. A new app hopes to break that generation of seeing plastic as a normal part of storage and waste and compel them to adopt a new attitude towards plastic. Go beyond the headlines…

Young Americans blame SCOTUS, GOP for unforgiven student loan debt

Russia suspends Ukraine grain deal. Here’s what it means for the rest of the world

A 1-minute gun safety video helped preteen children be more careful around real guns – new research

UFOs Are Bringing Democrats and Republicans Together

Immigration drove white, Asian population growth in US last year

‘This is just the beginning’: Extreme heat around the world as fires rage in southern Europe

Study Finds How To Reduce Risk Of Kids Playing With A Found Gun

New app helps young people turn tide on plastic pollution

Mexico wins record 9th soccer Gold Cup, defeating Panama 1-0

Why are Venezuelan refugees disappearing in Colombia?

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