December 14, 2022

It’s bad enough that conservative zealots have criminalized abortion in this country but now one judge wants to start on birth control. Why does one man have such power over the personal decisions of millions of women? With each abuse of power by these conservative radicals and/or politically greedy politicians, it’s a question that should force a collective rethink of how some in power issue judgements to benefit a few rather than the majority – and how the process can be reformed; On a personal note, I’ve been (more) disappointed in the escalating actions of Elon Musk. In good faith, I can’t support the Twitter platform when Musk uses his platform to disseminate his screwy views and outright vile conspiracy lies. So, I will be ‘migrating’ Latina Lista to another platform. As of now, I have a mastodon account (@LatinaLista). However, I am waiting to evaluate another platform due to launch by my friends at BotSentinel. If we should disappear without a forwarding destination, please look for us on mastodon in the meantime. Further news to follow…

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