Viernes Video: Indie doc about Puerto Rican revolutionary reveals the hard struggle for independence

Viernes Video: Indie doc about Puerto Rican revolutionary reveals the hard struggle for independence

Filiberto Ojeda Ríos was a professional trumpet player in his native Puerto Rico. Yet, he did more than just play music. He lived a clandestine life as a revolutionary and became a strategic leader of groups known for their violent and dramatic acts towards winning independence for Puerto Rico.

"Filiberto" is a feature-length documentary that traces the man's personal story from his childhood to his bloody death. The film goes deeper than just chronicling the life of a true revolutionary but also attempts to address the question of the differences between a dissenter, a criminal, and a terrorist that have risen since 9-11.

The film has been six years in the making and the producers of the film are in the final stages of fundraising. Their goal is $17,000. So far, they've raised $3,645. The fundraising campaign ends on June 15.


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