Video: In honor of his dad, Latino artist creates portrait without brushstrokes — just 3.2 million dots

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LatinaLista — For being so young, Miguel Endara has the patience of a saint or at least an artist — and that’s exactly what he is. From Miami, Florida, Endara describes himself as a “non-stop thinker.” It’s a trait that explains why this multi-talented artist, web designer and film director has created such an impressive portfolio so far in his budding career.

In fact, it was probably during one of those thinking sessions where he got the unique idea of honoring the one man he considers his hero — in dots!

The hero is his father and the art technique of creating a picture of nothing but dots is known as stippling. Yet for the younger Endara, stippling his father’s likeness on paper wasn’t creative enough. He had to put the whole process on film.

The film, titled “The Making of ‘Hero,’” chronicles the 210-hour process it took to put pen tip to paper, over and over, to make his father’s face. In the end, exactly 3.2 million ink dots were used to create a picture, and indirectly, a video that has gone viral in popularity, nominated for a Vimeo festival award and catapulted this talented artist onto the international stage of cyber-stardom.


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