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MD Anderson and University of Texas Health and Science Center fight cancer in the Hispanic community

MD Anderson and University of Texas Health and Science Center fight cancer in the Hispanic community

By Vanessa Piña
The Venture


The MD Anderson Cancer Center and the University of Texas Health and Science Center have partnered up with a purpose to reduce cancer among Hispanics in Texas.

This program was designed under the Texas Regional Community Network Program, Latinos Contra El Cancer, to diminish the number of cancer cases in Texas. The program is set to be effective by combining innovative research, community outreach and a training program through the foundation of three steps.

The goal of the outreach step is to amplify existing evidence on medical and behavioral interventions which will potentially help reduce the cancer among Hispanics. It will help develop community partnerships as well as infrastructures and other programs in order to promote health in Hispanic Communities.

The research step focuses on the development and evaluation of approaching the main factors of cancer risk such as smoking, having a poor diet and the lack of physical activity. Their goal is to use various methods in order to investigate the different factors that influence Mexican Americans’ participation in clinical studies…

(PHOTO: National Hispanic Medical Association CEO, Dr. Elena Rios gives an updated report on Health Care Reform and its implications for Latino health and cancer care. Photo courtesy of Ysabel Duron from flickr.)

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