April 25, 2024

The ‘spoken word’ is persuasive. Whether it comes in the form of political rhetoric, protest chants or Tik Tok videos, words have the potential to persuade people to think one way or another. Words are especially influential when they’re repeated, sometimes ad nauseam. Words get into people’s heads, like a tune you can’t stop humming. How else can racist politicians convince people thousands of miles away from the southern US border that their lives are under siege? The rhetoric driving anti-immigrant sentiment is lethal to the survival of the vast majority of migrants already trying to escape an unfair and violent life, and to our own financial well-being. Yet, some people who’ve never even met an immigrant, regurgitate ‘words’ they’ve been spoon-fed to convince them of their truth — even though it’s documented that without immigrants our economy could falter. How do I know? A new Axios poll bares the ugly truth of the power of words; Isn’t knowledge supposed to be enlightening? Isn’t it supposed to change our behavior? Well, a new study on air quality finds that big profits will always prevail; Which states are shrinking, and which are growing?; Some researchers seem to think that all of society could learn from Latino families on how to get along. Ummm, maybe; Would you be surprised that 24% of traceable plastic pollution is because of just 5 corporations?; and It will always be a battle to keep kids safe online but two brothers developed an app to help parents and kids do just that. Go beyond the headlines…

Exclusive poll: America warms to mass deportations

Russian courts saw hundreds of AWOL cases in March alone, a record high since the war began: report

Air quality in some parts of US worst in 25 years, report says

Many large U.S. cities are in deep financial trouble. Here’s why

Population Map Reveals States Growing, Shrinking the Quickest

How do you get siblings to be nice to each other? Latino families have an answer

24% of Traceable Plastic Pollution Linked to Just 5 Corporations

Brothers create app using new approach to keep kids safe while online

With public universities under threat, massive protests against austerity shake Argentina

Moscow pressured Nicaragua to file genocide case against Germany, intel sources say

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