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Guantanamo Has a History

Guantanamo Has a History

By Miguel Pérez Hidden Hispanic Heritage Long before Guantanamo became synonymous with al-Qaida prisoners, American injustice and hunger strikes — yes, even before it became known as a high-security prison for suspected terrorists — it was a U.S. Naval Base with a long and fascinating history. It still is! And long after the military prison

Pre-Columbian Statue in San Agustin

Colombia: A library carved in stone

By Juan Carlos Rocha SAN AUGUSTÍN, Colombia – About 1,000 years ago, among the rugged and lush mountains where Colombia’s major rivers were born, a culture whose name remains unknown sculpted hundreds of stone monuments. These sculptures were buried with the deceased, remaining hidden for centuries. The archaeological treasure of San Agustín, whose name


Viernes Video: Filmmaker goes beyond the fence at the U.S.-Mexico border to reveal a ‘purgatory’ where souls wait…

LatinaLista — Listening to Congress debate how to reform immigration, it doesn’t take long to figure out that those who are opposed to any kind of reform or legalization of the 11 million undocumented immigrants are individuals who have refused to accept the fact that immigrants are real people. Some U.S. politicians prefer to live


As Indigenous People Abandon Traditional Dress, Weavers Take to E-Commerce to Boost Sales

By Marissa Revilla Global Press Institute Indigenous weavers in Chiapas are using innovative designs and methods to sell their goods internationally. Nearly 200,000 women work as artisans in Chiapas. Cooperatives, workshops, innovative designs and a new e-commerce platform aim to preserve the craft while boosting sales that have been declining locally as indigenous communities abandon


Runa Tea – Bringing Kichwa Traditions to the Global Market

First Peoples Worldwide It’s 6:00 am in Ecuador. As the first hints of sunlight appear over a Kichwa village in Napo Province, the women, men, and children of that village begin to gather around the communal fire to enjoy hot gourds of guayusa, a traditional brewed leaf drink full of caffeine and antioxidants. The village

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Video: Looking at all sides of New York City’s controversial proposal to allow non-citizens to vote in city elections

LatinaLista — The debate in Congress over immigration reform promises to heat up before fireworks explode July 4, the time Sen. Schumer predicts the senate will have passed the issue. Yet another immigration bill promises to be even more explosive and divisive than the national bill if it ever comes to the floor for debate.