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Guest Voz: A Houston suburb remembers my uncle — a legendary Latino band leader

Guest Voz: A Houston suburb remembers my uncle — a legendary Latino band leader

By José de la Isla LatinaLista MEXICO CITY — My birthday gift, when I turned ten, was a ticket to the Houston Fat Stock Show & Rodeo at the Coliseum. Kids lined up by the hundreds for an autographed picture from the rodeo’s stars, the Cisco Kid and sidekick Pancho. The year was 1954. The


Guest Voz: Eighteen Senate and Governor races Latinos could influence in 2014

By Dr. Matt Barreto LatinaLista The 2014 election is now just 8 days away and almost all the attention on the Latino vote is in Colorado’s Senate race. While other states with large Latino populations may not have competitive Senate races in 2014, the Latino population is not just a phenomenon in the Southwest. Fourteen

High School Graduation

Guest Voz: Latest report on Latino dropouts is one to celebrate while understanding más work needs to be done

By Raoul Lowery Contreras LatinaLista Finally! Hispanic high school dropouts hit record lows in 2013 despite 18-24 year olds numbers increasing by 50% since 2001. Think of it, 100 Hispanic students in 2001 have increased to 150 in 2013 but dropouts have dropped more than 30 percent to a record low of 14 percent in


Guest Voz: Time to realize human trafficking is alive and thriving in Latino communities across the U.S.

By Sean Morrison LatinaLista If you were to ask most six-year-old girls what they wanted to be when they grow up, you could get a variety of answers. Little girls dream of a future full of productive work, loving friends and families and happy times. None imagine they could be the victims of sex trafficking.