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Peru brews new twist on Pay it Forward

Peru brews new twist on Pay it Forward

By Hannah Vickers Peru This Week It seems strange how much of a difference something as small as a coffee can make. But the thinking behind the Pending Coffees initiative is that small things can make a big difference. It’s simple: in any participating café, you just add an extra coffee (or something else) onto


Guatemalan hospital becomes one of the first in nation to hire staff and translators to serve indigenous Q´echi´ in native language

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista Indigenous people in Guatemala constitute the majority of the population; however, due to historically racist attitudes, they remain on the bottom rung of the socio-economic ladder. Most live in the highlands, are poorly educated and poorly provided for. According to a 2010 National Employment Survey, indigenous workers earn 50 percent less


You’d be surprised how many things in our homes are made with untested chemicals & current toxics bill does nada to help

By Molly Rauch Mom’s Clean Air Force What do shower curtains, cleaning products, couches, crafting supplies, and cooking pans have in common? Untested chemicals. Store shelves are full of products that contain untested chemicals, products whose ingredients may or may not harm the brains, hormones, lungs, metabolism and the who-knows-what-else of our children. These are


Guest Voz: Survey industry behind the times in how to ask and get needed information from today’s diverse population

By Edward T. Rincón, Ph.D. LatinaLista It is a common situation faced by healthcare providers today. A patient, unable to communicate well in English, arrives for treatment and often waits longer than other patients to receive treatment, may not fully understand the treatment that they are receiving, and sometimes brings a different set of cultural

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Mexico now ranked as a country without a free press

LatinaLista — According to this year’s annual report on global press freedoms by the Washington-based advocacy organization Freedom House, 2013 registered as the worst time for press freedoms in over a decade. After consulting over 60 analysts and digging through the research of governments, rights and watchdog groups, the organization found that only 63 countries


Is Lead Exposure the Secret to the Rapid Rise and Fantastic Fall of the Juvenile Crime Rate?

By Dick Mendel Juvenile Justice Information Exchange For the juvenile justice field, there is no larger question. It’s the elephant in the room, the great mystery, the trend that has changed everything — and seemingly without explanation. Why have juvenile crime rates, once predicted to rise inexorably, instead been falling for two decades? Falling… and