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New Bilingual App Helps Heart Attack Patients

New Bilingual App Helps Heart Attack Patients

SaludToday Latinos face higher rates of heart disease than other populations because of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes, the American Heart Association reports. There’s a new free app to give peace of mind for those who have recovered from a heart attack. The CathMaps+ app has a GPS locator to find the nearest cath


Guest Voz: Heroes is spelled Heroes in Spanish, too

By Raoul Lowery Contreras LatinaLista President Barack Obama awarded 23 Medals of Honor yesterday in the White House to WWII, Korea and Vietnam War Army U.S fighting men who were victims of army bigotry. When their own officers submitted them for the highest American medals for combat bravery,they were all turned down for racial or


One community of Mayan women’s journey from indigenous weavings to exporting vegetables to Walmart

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista Indigenous women in Guatemala occupy the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder. A lack of education combined with a traditionally machismo culture means that many Mayan women are often illiterate, unaware of their rights and unable to break the cycle of poverty in which they exist. In the indigenous municipality of


Chico Vive: The Legacy of Chico Mendes and the Global Grassroots Environmental Movement

Cultural Survival Celebrating the legacy of Chico Mendes and the courage of thousands of present-day grassroots activists who follow in his footsteps. Brazilian environmental martyr and rural union leader Chico Mendes was killed in 1988. In the past 25 years grassroots activists in many places have mobilized to protect the environment and their communities from


Guest Voz: Latino & African American students more isolated in schools today than in the past

By Gary Orfield, Genevieve Siegel-Hawley and John Kucsera LatinaLista (LL Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt of a longer study by researchers at The Civil Rights Project analyzing the trends in current school segregation. The study was written in response to a paper claiming school segregation is largely an event of the past. )


Honduras Criminal Group Using Narcocorridos to Attract Child Recruits

By Michael Lohmuller InSight Crime A criminal group in Honduras is using songs about drug trafficking to glamorize criminal life for child recruits who they then train in the use of high-powered firearms, in another example of organized crime’s use of children as an expendable and low-risk source of labor. Ramon Sabillon, the director of