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The DREAM Movement’s New Agenda: Five Young Immigrants Tell Us Why They’ve Moved Beyond Seeking a Pathway to Citizenship

The DREAM Movement’s New Agenda: Five Young Immigrants Tell Us Why They’ve Moved Beyond Seeking a Pathway to Citizenship

By Von Diaz Feet in 2 Worlds No group has been more visible in the struggle for immigrant rights than undocumented youth. Taking the name DREAMers, evoking both the proposed federal DREAM Act as well as a sense of hope about achieving the “American Dream,” these young people have been on the front lines of


Uruguay: More than half of inmates study or work

By Antonio Larronda Since 2010, the country’s rehabilitation system has been based on work, study, culture, sports and recreation. MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – As soon as he started his four-year prison term in July 2012 for armed robbery, Andrés Palomino knew he didn’t want to be a career criminal. “I worked my entire life, since


First Peruvian Quinoa Week about to kick off in New York, New Jersey

Peru This Week Eight of New York’s and New Jersey’s finest Peruvian and Pan-Latin restaurants, in partnership with the Trade Commission of Peru in New York, will introduce the Peruvian Quinoa Week as salute to the myriad culinary possibilities of one of the world’s most healthful grains. During Peruvian Quinoa Week, to be held April


8 ways caregivers can manage stress just like Wonder Woman

By Judi Bonilla Latino Elders You can fend off stress! Remember Wonder Woman deflecting off bad guys with her gold bracelets? Use these tips to deflect the stress-bad-guys and change how you think about stress. Yes, change your mind about handling stress. Stress isn’t something you get rid of, it’s something you manage — A


Guest Voz: Vaccinating on time is more important than ever for disease protection

By Anna Acosta, MD LatinaLista Most parents agree that feeding and sleep schedules are important to help keep their young babies healthy. The same goes for childhood immunizations. Vaccinating children on time is the best way to protect them against 14 serious and potentially deadly diseases before their second birthday. The recommended immunization schedule is

Cesar Chavez 1976

Guest Voz: Critics and filmmakers miss the point in retelling Cesar Chavez’s story

By Herman Baca LatinaLista After viewing the movie, “Cesar Chavez: An American Hero,” and reading reviews about it, many have asked me; what I thought about the movie? First, some of the reviews already written about the movie are positive, but those about Chavez appear critical and negative. Matt Garcia, Professor Arizona State University and