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131124231338-honduras-election-story-top Offers Independent Look at Ballot Talley Sheets for Honduran Election Offers Independent Look at Ballot Talley Sheets for Honduran Election

Honduras Weekly HONDURAS — In an effort to give the average person access to the actual voting tallies for the recent presidential election in Honduras, and thereby provide transparency to the process, a group of enterprising young Hondurans — including Roberto Brevé, Alejandro Corpeño, Jorge García, and Fernando Irias — have developed a software application


Report Urges Ban on Detaining Youth Offenders Guilty of Only “Status Offenses”

By Gary Gately Juvenile Justice Information Exchange WASHINGTON – They’re known as status offenders – youths who commit offenses that wouldn’t even be considered offenses but for their age: truancy, running away from home, curfew violations, alcohol or tobacco possession. Too often, these status offenders are treated like criminals. Thousands of them end up in


Dying deportee refused by immigration officials to reunite one last time with family in U.S.

LatinaLista — The battle for immigration reform has evolved to mean much more than just overhauling an antiquated admissions system into the country. Another issue that is now getting equal billing with the demand for putting undocumented immigrants on a path to citizenship is reuniting families separated by deportations. The frustration felt by many advocating


International science organization to launch young scientist support network in Latin America

LatinaLista — With a not-so-far-off future looming with dire threats — water shortage, superstorms, food scarcity, stronger earthquakes, rise of ocean levels, species extinctions, etc. — humanity is left to wonder who will save us all. Well,it’s a pretty sure thing it won’t be politicians, Wall Street, liberals or conservatives. The one group who can


Study: Toddler Obesity Risk Highest in Hispanics, Native Americans

SaludToday Toddlers from low-income Hispanic, American Indian (AI), and Alaskan Native (AN) homes are at increased risk for obesity, according to a new study, Medscape reports. The federal study, published in the journal Pediatrics, collected weight data for 1.2 million children at ages 0 to 23 months in 2008 and followed up with them within