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Honduras Coup

New study sounds alarm on Latin American countries turning their back on political tolerance

New study sounds alarm on Latin American countries turning their back on political tolerance

LatinaLista — There’s more to a democracy than a nation holding elections. One of the key elements of a democratic nation is political tolerance. No matter the protests, fistfights, shouts, insulting rally signs, name-calling or public slander, as long as people believe in the freedom to express a different political opinion and the opportunity to


Guest Voz: Innovative solutions working to tackle Latino health issues — más needed

By Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez LatinaLista San Antonio is what the entire United States will look like in 40 years, some say. That’s good news, but not all good. San Antonio’s large Latino population contributes immeasurably to the diverse culture and vitality of our city, just as the continued growth of the Latino population benefits


Pilot Program Seeks to Divert Kids from Juvenile Justice System

By Gary Gately Juvenile Justice Information Exchange A pilot program in Wayne County, Mich., provides police training on how to recognize and respond to mental health and substance abuse problems with youth and to refer them to community-based programs and services instead of arresting them. Michigan now has the capacity to provide such training to

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Intern’l Video: Central America’s indigenous blacks gain a voice and presence in film

LatinaLista — The story of the African slave trade in the early Americas has been well memorialized in countless books, stage plays and films. Yet, there is one incident of this dehumanizing chapter in global history that isn’t as well known. There was actually a group of Africans brought to the Americas who refused to