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Guest Voz: Play-by-play of the Latino athletes who have fumbled at being role models

Guest Voz: Play-by-play of the Latino athletes who have fumbled at being role models

By Rodolfo F. Acuña LatinaLista Last July, salsa singer Marc Anthony, responding to a question on television’s stereotyping of Latinos, answered that “the entertainment industry doesn’t owe us anything.” While Mr. Anthony is entitled to his opinion, he like all of us, who are Mexican American or Latino, owes something to our communities. A lot


Drug trafficking, another threat to Gran Chaco

By Jorge Quispe The second largest continuous forest ecosystem in South America, the Gran Chaco Americano already has lost nearly 90% of its territory to indiscriminate deforestation, ranching and agriculture. LA PAZ, Bolivia – The expansion of agricultural activities is threating the conservation of the Gran Chaco in Bolivia, an area rich in biodiversity


Old Latino Friends and One New Arrival Appear Thursday Primetime

SeFija! You know them, you love them, and they’re back for another round all over the dial…along with a lovely newcomer in one of the most talked-out shows of the season. In order of appearance: Aubrey Plaza and her mysteriously buffed-up husband (okay, it’s no mystery–he’s Starlord!) take a trip to London with the entire


Guest Voz: White House launches blog series explaining how Affordable Care Act benefits Latinos

By Katherine Vargas White House blog As part of our Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations, the White House is launching a new blog series focused on how affordable, quality health care can enhance the lives of Hispanic Americans. This week, we focus on how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will benefit young Latinos. Young adults are

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Colección Luna: empowering Mayan women, one stitch at a time

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista Almost everywhere you go in Guatemala you are greeted by Mayan textiles. In the country’s rural highlands: men, women and children dress in the traditional traje of their pueblo and go about their daily chores. While in the cities: restaurants and houses are adorned with intricately woven indigenous designs. Guatemalan textiles


New Mexico Man Finds Hope in Water Conservation Career

Green For All Amery Romero’s family has lived in Truchas, New Mexico for generations. Since the 1600s, they’ve farmed and raised cattle in the area. But over the past few decades, more and more of Truchas’ residents have streamed out of the town, leaving to work at the nearby Los Alamos National Laboratory, or heading