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How one Latina is taking over Vine

How one Latina is taking over Vine

By Elaine Rita Mendus Más Wired Maya Murillo is a blogger and musician in Arizona who has taken to social media, 6-second video social network Vine in particular, and nurtured an audience. She’s just just over 1,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter, but about 2,500 subscribers on YouTube, 4,500 on Instagram and almost 54,000 on


Archaeologists explore the last capital of the Mochica in Northern Peru

By Rachel Chase Peru This Week Archaeologists working at the Pampa Grande dig site about 50 kilometers outside of Chiclayo have made some fascinating discoveries. El Comercio reports today that investigators have been able to draw some important conclusions about the late Mochica empire from new evidence discovered at Pampa Grande. The Mochica are one


Costa Rica’s Salvation Army flexes Facebook page to challenge people to remember “Los Olvidados” (Forgotten Ones)

LatinaLista — In Costa Rica, they are called “Los Olvidados,” the Forgotten Ones, but they can be found in any country in the world. They are the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the ones for whom social media takes a backseat to the physical world where earning traditional money takes precedence over racking up digital


Research: Latino Kids Consume ‘Above Average’ Amount of Sugary Drinks

SaludToday Latino kids consume more soft drinks, fruit-flavored drinks, and other sugary drinks on average than do their White peers. Sugary drink consumption contributes to increased rates of obesity and diabetes, studies show. Raising the price of sugary drinks could reduce consumption among Latino kids, and potentially improve weight outcomes, according to a new package

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Checking Boxes and Filling Blanks: Diversity and Inclusion in Children’s Literature

By Cory Silverberg CBC Diversity The publisher Lee and Low recently mobilized social media (through the nifty infographic featured) to jumpstart a discussion of diversity in children’s literature. No surprise to anyone who is paying attention, while the US continues to undergo a significant demographic shift, diversity in children’s books is not reflecting what we


Guest Voz: Play-by-play of the Latino athletes who have fumbled at being role models

By Rodolfo F. Acuña LatinaLista Last July, salsa singer Marc Anthony, responding to a question on television’s stereotyping of Latinos, answered that “the entertainment industry doesn’t owe us anything.” While Mr. Anthony is entitled to his opinion, he like all of us, who are Mexican American or Latino, owes something to our communities. A lot