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Latino historian sets record straight on the roots of the Alamo

Latino historian sets record straight on the roots of the Alamo

By José Antonio López Rio Grande Guardian Earlier this year, a ceremony was held in downtown San Antonio featuring a small cannon “thought” to have been fired at the 1836 Battle of the Álamo. It is the latest artifact that regardless of its origins, those in charge insist on placing it in Mission San Antonio


Mexico’s dark shadow – ongoing disappearances of its citizens

Frontera NorteSur Martha Cecilia Gomez was visibly shaken as she pleaded for the whereabouts of her daughter. According to the Mexican mother, her 16-year-old daughter Paola Yaneth Alvarez left the family home in the central Mexican state of Aguascalientes the morning of February 1 to go shopping for pork rinds and never returned. “We don’t


Garcia forces Rahm into April runoff

By Todd M. Freimuth, Alex V. Hernandez and Chris Zois Extra! CHICAGO — Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia made history yesterday, forcing Mayor Rahm Emanuel into the city’s first ever runoff election for mayor. “Nobody thought we’d be here tonight. They wrote us off, said we didn’t have a chance; said we didn’t have


Young Mission Talent: Young immigrant photographer captures the lay of the land

By Daniel Mondragón Mission Local Daniel Mondragón is a 25-year-old photographer who was born and raised in the Mission. As part of our series Young Mission Talent, Mondragón takes portraits of his favorite young artists of the Mission District and talks with them about their art. Marvin is a 25-year-old photographer from Guatemala. He currently