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First bilingual judge serves Georgia city of Port Wentworth

First bilingual judge serves Georgia city of Port Wentworth

La Voz Last month, attorney Thomas L. Cole was sworn in by Mayor Glenn Jones as the new Chief Judge for Port Wentworth, Ga. Cole also serves as a municipal court judge for Thunderbolt, Ga. and sits as a Judge Pro-Tempore in Savannah’s Recorder’s Court. Cole is the first Spanish-speaking judge to serve on the


Former gas station clerk becomes well regarded Latino photographer of aspiring models in Houston

By Dennise Barajas The Venture Even though his family and friends told him to pursue a computer career which is traditionally more steady and has a high earning potential, Armando Gonzales decided to follow his dream of becoming a professional photographer. Gonzalez co-founded Stop Focus Studios in 2012, and in less than a year has


Indigenous Americans say Texas Land Commissioner Patterson crossed sacred line in opening up the Alamo to gun-carrying activists

By Lance Aaron La Prensa de San Antonio Indigenous American leader Fidel Castillo, a lineal descendent of a Yaqui Indian Chief and spiritual leader of the Indigenous People of the Red Root says, “Texas General Land Commissioner Mr. Jerry Patterson “crossed the sacred line”. “Patterson’s decision, taken unilaterally and without informed consultation, opens up a


Student journalists uncover University of Houston-Downtown spent $50,000 on failed name change

By Alma Garcia The Venture Recently released documents by the University of Houston-Downtown and obtained by The Venture through the freedom of information act, shows that the school hired Stamats, a higher education marketing company, for approximately $50,000 to oversee a failed attempt to change the university’s name. “Stamats is a leader in higher education


Latino family waits for justice three years after Bluffton (Georgia) slaying

By John Newton La Voz Latina “The millstones of justice turn exceedingly slow, but grind exceedingly fine.” For nearly three years, this adage has brought cold comfort to family members of Bluffton slaying victim, Carlos Olivera, as they waited for justice to be served to Preston Oates, the tow truck driver who shot Olivera in


Local Hispanic broadcasting offers new choices in Georgia

By John Newton La Voz Latina Editing a monthly newspaper like La Voz Latina can be frustrating at times, especially when a news story or event of importance to our local Hispanic communities occurs soon after or long before our next issue is scheduled to be published. While newspapers can provide in-depth analysis of complex