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Stressed Over Money

Without intervention, Latino Millennials on same path as parents towards financial insecurity

Without intervention, Latino Millennials on same path as parents towards financial insecurity

LatinaLista — When it comes to money, Latinos see spending, saving and investing through a different lens. While the Suze Ormans and Dave Ramseys of the financial world bluntly advise people to think of themselves first when it comes to their money, most Latinos do the exact opposite. In fact, a recent Wells Fargo survey


Seizing opportunities leads to national success for Latina entrepreneur Gaby Natale

LatinaLista — Argentine-born entrepreneur Gaby Natale has seen her share of economic crises. In 2001, newly graduated with a Master’s in journalism, Gaby found herself one of the millions in Buenos Aires looking for a job in the midst of one of the worst economic crisis to hit the South American country. Six years later,

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World’s richest man creates website helping Spanish-speaking immigrants achieve American Dream

LatinaLista — Contrary to popular belief that Latinos are internet illiterate, statistics show that over 60 percent of the Latino population connect to the internet on some device, that includes the immigrant community. Now, Spanish-speaking migrants in the U.S. have a new website tailored to their unique needs — all in quest of achieving that


VIDEO: With climate change worsening, hope is but a tree away

LatinaLista — Climate change is getting worse. The stats prove it. A recent report by the American Meteorological Society found that greenhouse gases, sea levels and global temperatures — key indicators of climate change — rose in 2013. It’s a trend that scientists don’t foresee “cooling down.” The rise in these key stats means that


Argentina chasing first Cup title in 28 years

By Eduardo Szklarz BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Germany’s historic rout against Brazil in the first World Cup semifinal match on July 8 leaves Argentina as the only country representing the Americas that still has a shot at winning the title on regional soil. The Argentines, who are thirsting for their first World Cup championship


New text campaign strives to help women impacted by recent Supreme Court birth control ruling

LatinaLista — For many young Latinas, one of the most appreciated benefits of the Affordable Care Act has been the opportunity to receive their birth control without paying a co-pay/deductible. Unfortunately, the recent Supreme Court ruling that allows businesses to deny insurance coverage for birth control for their employees if it conflicts with their religious