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Study shows Hispanic Adult Millennials who drink, do it for fun.

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St. Patrick’s Day, one of America’s booziest holidays, is next week. When it comes to drinking, what are Hispanic young adults’ preferences and habits? Tr3s has delved into its soon-to-be-released study of Hispanic Adult Millennials (ages 19-34), as well as Simmons data, to learn more about how they’re consuming alcohol.

Here are some of Tr3s’s key findings:

Hispanics are more likely to drink for celebration, while non-Hispanics are more likely to drink for medication. Hispanic Adult Millennials see drinking alcohol as a primarily “playtime” activity, not medication after a hard day. Non-Hispanics are more than twice as likely as Hispanics to say they feel like they need a drink at the end of the average workday.

Clubs and lounges are “out”; casual bars and restaurants are “in”. Many Hispanic Adult Millennials perceive clubs and lounges as symbols of excess – overpriced, unappealingly exclusive, and requiring fancy clothes (another expense). Instead, they prefer casual bars and restaurants, which they see as a value for their money. The absence of velvet rope outside these more humble establishments is a selling point. They like places that are inclusive and allow them to come as they are.

Drinking at home is fun and economical. Cracking open a beer or fixing a cocktail in the comfort of home is the cheapest option – and 8 in 10 Hispanic and non-Hispanic young adults consume alcohol there. About half of Hispanics drink at other people’s houses as well. “Girls nights” and potlucks are a couple of the types of at-home celebrations they enjoy.

Hispanic Adult Millennials who drink do it for fun. About 7 in 10 Hispanics and non-Hispanics 18-34 who consume alcohol say they do it for fun. Among drinkers under 30 (ages 18-29), the fun factor is higher for Hispanics than non-Hispanics (76% Hispanic, 67% non-Hispanic). For females 18-34, imbibing is more fun for Hispanic than non-Hispanic drinkers (72% Hispanic, 66% non-Hispanic).

They’re more into beer and liquor than wine. About 45% of Hispanic Adult Millennials reported drinking beer and liquor. Among non-Hispanics, a similar proportion consumes beer but more (53%) drink hard alcohol. Wine is less of a favorite among Hispanics, but its popularity is growing – 1 in 4 drink wine, up 10% from 2012 and 26% from 2008. Non-Hispanics, on the other hand, have more of a preference for wine (34% drink it).

Corona is their beer of choice, while tequila and vodka are their favorite types of liquor. Hispanic Adult Millennials’ beer drinking is driven by their love of Corona, which 45% consume. However, 2 out of 3 drink tequila, making it the top alcoholic beverage. Vodka is also a favorite (4 in 10 drink it). Both tequila and vodka consumption has grown among Hispanics by more than 10% since 2008. Non-Hispanics have different preferences: vodka is on top (57%), followed by rum (51%) and tequila (41%).

Source: Tr3s “Work and Play” Hispanic Millennial Study (2014); Experian Simmons Summer2013 NHCS Adult Study 12-month, (Summer 2012 & Summer 2008 for trending); Hispanics 18-34 = 1st and 2nd gen + 3rd gen retro-culturals (Luz & Luis)

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