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Spotlight Nonprofit: Microfinance loans pair borrowers and donors in partnership to escape poverty

LatinaLista — The practice of microfinance — loaning low-income entrepreneurs small loans to start or help their businesses along — is not a new concept. In fact, it’s been around, with a lot of success, for several years. Microfinance is especially popular in third-world countries where cash is short, need is long and entrepreneurs abundant.

Latina director of equal rights organization speaks out on Supreme Court’s Wal-Mart decision

LatinaLista — The day of reckoning arrived today for the 1.5 million women who were included in a class action lawsuit suing Wal-Mart over sex discrimination charges regarding equal pay and job promotions. The Supreme Court rendered a decision that determined national class claims against Wal-Mart could not go forward but individual claims of sex

United Farm Workers asks nation to sign petition supporting Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act

LatinaLista — One of the least contentious elements being proposed as part of a larger immigration reform package has to do with creating a guest worker program to serve the agricultural industry. The reasoning is that such a program would provide more security to undocumented farm workers who are subject to an untold number of