A special gift for 2010

LatinaLista — With this decade winding down, it’s been interesting to look back to see what kinds of things that once were considered indispensable are now obsolete: floppy disks, answering machines, cassettes…the list goes on.

Yet, one thing that has never gone out of style is the calendar. Whether it’s hung on the wall or a desktop feature, it’s still a handy tool to plan our schedules.

So, as a way to give Latina Lista readers a little gift to start the New Year and to show my immense appreciation for the support that has been given me over the last year, I have created a special downloadable Latina Lista



Of course, it can be printed out on regular computer paper but I’ve found that using photo paper makes it sturdier for hanging.

At the least, when looking at it, you’ll be reminded that Latina Lista is your source for Latina/o-inspired news.

Have a safe and happy start to the New Year and see you in 2010!

Marisa Treviño

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