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Immigration: Deported and exiled, U.S. citizen finally recognized by government as one of our own

Immigration: Deported and exiled, U.S. citizen finally recognized by government as one of our own

By Bryan Johnson Amoachi & Johnson, Attorneys at Law, PLLC Blanca Maria Alfaro has always been a U.S. citizen. She was born in Houston, Texas on December 17, 1979. In 1995, Blanca applied for and received a U.S. passport based on her Texas Birth Certificate. In 1998, Blanca traveled from El Salvador to JFK International


New report reveals Millennials of color having to overcome more challenges to perform civic duty

LatinaLista — It doesn’t take a genius to know that the surest way to instill the pride of civic participation in young voters is to make the experience positive. But a new report from the multi-racial civil rights organization Advancement Project and the national advocacy for youth political participation,, found that some young voters


Some DREAMers cross the line forcing Rep. Gutierrez to cut his ties to the organizations

LatinaLista — Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez has been a tireless advocate for immigration reform and DREAMers. His passion for the issue and these young people has pushed the envelope among many of his colleagues and not won him many friends across the aisle. It’s reported that even the White House has been on the defensive


One Texas Latino Republican ‘on a path’ to change nation’s political discourse

LatinaLista — North Texas businessman Tony Pompa considers himself a strong conservative. It’s a credential he flashes proudly these days as one of four Republican contenders vying in the most watched race in the state of Texas. The political battle is for the District 10 seat belonging to Sen. Wendy Davis, the Tarrant County Democrat


New Pew poll shows Latinos still looking for a national Latino leader

LatinaLista — From May 24 through July 28, 2013, the beginning of summer, Pew Research’s Hispanic Trends Project polled “5,103 Hispanic adults” about the status of a national Latino leader. It’s important to note the dates of the polling because this was before Texas Senator Ted Cruz captured the national spotlight. Though Cruz is a