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GOP governors’ denial of Medicaid expansion in their states is one outreach Latinos will take to heart — and to the polls

LatinaLista — For all their outreach to Latinos, the GOP must think that compromising on immigration reform — and to this point, no one knows exactly what their definition of compromise entails — is all that is needed to win Latinos over to their side. But they’re not looking at the bigger picture. Immigration reform

New study shows California’s online voter registration yielded surprising results that could strike fear in the hearts of critics

LatinaLista — Talk of modernizing the voting process always crops up around major elections. Unfortunately, it’s more talk of what can be done than doing it but one area that has gotten a boost from today’s technology is voter registration. A handful of states are offering their citizens the option of registering online. California is

The Voting Rights Act is a long way from being ‘racial entitlement’

LatinaLista — The yardstick used by Latino leaders to prove we have politically ‘arrived’ has been Latino voter registration and turnout at the polls. Unfortunately, that same measure of accomplishment is being used to prove to the Supreme Court that the Voting Rights Act has outlived its usefulness. Today, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments

New Pew report on political parties’ public approval underscores big concern for future of politics

LatinaLista — The news for the Republican Party just keeps getting worse. A new Pew poll underscores by just how much public confidence has waned in the GOP. According to the poll: 62% of the public says the GOP is out of touch with the American people, 56% think it is not open to change

40th anniversary of Roe v Wade underscores the number of low-income Latinas helped by landmark decision

LatinaLista — If there was an overriding lesson from last year’s GOP primary campaigns, it was that conservative views on abortion and planned parenthood haven’t changed from the beginning of Christianity. In fact, this issue, more than any other, is the original “zero tolerance” stand where intolerance, yet again, trumps common sense. Because of that,

Attempts to sow distrust between Latinos and Obama won’t work this time around

LatinaLista — It wasn’t but days after the presidential showdown between Obama and Romney that everyone — from media political analysts to veteran GOP politicians — admitted, if not somewhat grudgingly or incredulously, that Obama’s win could be credited in a very large part to the Latino turnout. Everbody knew, whether they went on the