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Video: Looking at all sides of New York City’s controversial proposal to allow non-citizens to vote in city elections

Video: Looking at all sides of New York City’s controversial proposal to allow non-citizens to vote in city elections

LatinaLista — The debate in Congress over immigration reform promises to heat up before fireworks explode July 4, the time Sen. Schumer predicts the senate will have passed the issue. Yet another immigration bill promises to be even more explosive and divisive than the national bill if it ever comes to the floor for debate.

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Video: Do the Democrats have a lock on the Hispanic vote?

CBS News (LatinaLista Editor’s Note: The strength of the Latino electorate is an issue that has occupied the headlines since the 2012 presidential election and is only gaining momentum as both sides of the aisle appear to be coming together to compromise on issues of importance to Latino voters. Yet, the folks at CBS News

Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto welcomes President Obama.

White House: Joint Statement between the United States and Mexico

At the invitation of President Enrique Peña Nieto, President Barack Obama travelled to Mexico City on May 2-3 to discuss the broad range of bilateral, regional, and global issues that bind the United States and Mexico and touch the daily lives of citizens of both countries. Building on their positive initial meeting in Washington, D.C.

GOP governors’ denial of Medicaid expansion in their states is one outreach Latinos will take to heart — and to the polls

LatinaLista — For all their outreach to Latinos, the GOP must think that compromising on immigration reform — and to this point, no one knows exactly what their definition of compromise entails — is all that is needed to win Latinos over to their side. But they’re not looking at the bigger picture. Immigration reform

New study shows California’s online voter registration yielded surprising results that could strike fear in the hearts of critics

LatinaLista — Talk of modernizing the voting process always crops up around major elections. Unfortunately, it’s more talk of what can be done than doing it but one area that has gotten a boost from today’s technology is voter registration. A handful of states are offering their citizens the option of registering online. California is

The Voting Rights Act is a long way from being ‘racial entitlement’

LatinaLista — The yardstick used by Latino leaders to prove we have politically ‘arrived’ has been Latino voter registration and turnout at the polls. Unfortunately, that same measure of accomplishment is being used to prove to the Supreme Court that the Voting Rights Act has outlived its usefulness. Today, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments