PBS rolls out new all-video web channel featuring the most popular shows for kids and adults


LatinaLista — If you are a fan of such PBS shows as NOVA or P.O.V. or Frontline or History Detectives or are even a fan of the children’s shows Arthur, The Electric Company, Maya and Miguel, Wishbone, ZOOM — among the many others — you are now in luck.

Finally, PBS has decided to join the growing trend of allowing full episodes of their most popular adult and children’s shows to be aired online at their new video-only channel called PBS Video.
The main site featuring the adult shows is known as PBS Video. In addition to featuring the full-length episodes, podcasts and videocasts of the shows are also available for download to mobile devices.
The children’s site is called PBS KIDS GO! Keeping true to the interactive nature of the Internet, the kids’ section has games, along with, a selection of children’s shows in Spanish.
Officials at PBS say they hope to create their own web-based series in the future which will also become part of the offerings.
In the meantime, catching up on favorite PBS shows never has been easier.