Video: Latina author strives to correct the historical record of Latinos in the Southwest


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LatinaLista — Author Paulina Rael Jaramillo has a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and though it seems like an unlikely background for a writer whose third book is focused on the American Southwest, it’s perfect.

In her book, The American Southwest: Pride~Prejudice~Perseverance, Jaramillo presents a historical overview of the various cultures, from ancient times to the present, who have called this region of the country home. In any discussion of the Southwest, Mexico and U.S. Latinos cannot be left out and Jaramillo does justice to the long history of Latinos in the region with extensive research showing just how long Latinos have been a part of the United States and how the Latino population continues to be contribute to the progress of the country.

In her interview with The Latino Author, Jaramillo discusses the research she conducted for her book and how it lead her to look deeper into the issue of immigration, anti-immigrant hate, bilingual education, the Chicano movement and the discovery that the historical record isn’t exactly accurate in terms of Latinos, especially when incidents reflected badly on the nation.