January 6, 2022

Today marks a shameful day in US History. Historians may deem the day as a turning point in a trajectory invented by power-greedy GOP politicians and their followers but to many rational Americans, this day marks an uneasy anniversary to our nation’s democracy; If the memories of this atrocious act weren’t enough, we now see that 57 people involved in promoting and/or participating are now allowed to run for political office; Yet, the irony of life is on full display with the gadgets of tomorrow providing hope at CES 2022. Go beyond the headlines…

COVID cases soar by more than 200%

The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol: A guide to what we now know

At least 57 individuals who played a role in Jan. 6 Capitol attack are running for office in 2022

Hispanic Democrats slam Republicans in Jan. 6 campaign ad

‘Hatred in the eyes’: How racist rage animated Jan. 6 riots

The most interesting smart home gadgets of CES 2022

One Of The Creators Of Google Glass Is Experimenting With A Smart Retainer For Texting With Your Tongue

High School seniors launch app to connect volunteers and senior citizens

Mexico Ablaze as Jalisco Cartel Seeks Criminal Hegemony

Ecuador, Colombia slam use of wild animal species after MasterChef episode

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