April 23, 2024

It just makes sense that if every month we’re breaking heat records that this ‘hot’ trend can only continue. It is and climatologists are warning unusual heat will occur in the tropics this summer. We’ve seen it happening everywhere there is summer: parts of Africa, South America, Australia, etc. And that’s bad news. Heat is the biggest killer of people, more so than hurricanes, floods or tornadoes. Now, meteorologists have a new tool to forecast the heat and save lives; Oral health care is essential for overall good body health. Yet, many seniors find themselves foregoing the necessary treatment because Medicare refuses to cover it; A financial analyst sees a looming recession on the horizon because of one thing happening in the labor force; and Many families are caring for loved ones with dementia or other age-related illnesses. But who takes care of the caregivers? There’s a new app in the works to do just that. Go beyond the headlines…

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‘Delayed’ Mass Layoffs Spell Bad News for US Economy—Analyst

Caring for older Americans’ teeth and gums is essential, but Medicare generally doesn’t cover that cost

Humans occupied a lava tube in Saudi Arabia for thousands of years

How hot is too hot? New weather forecasting tool can help figure that out

New app helps dementia caregivers focus on self-care

Is Costa Rica Becoming a Growing Hub for Cryptocurrency?

Peruvian woman dies by euthanasia after years-long fight for ‘dignified death’

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