January 7, 2022

Is there a Civil War in our future? The enthusiastic gleefulness of those who stormed the US Capitol on Jan. 6 would suggest there is a portion of the US population itching to be in one, but what will the fight be about?; Lockdown may have played havoc with many businesses but for a couple of groups it was the Golden Ticket to a better future; Who didn’t know dogs weren’t bilingual?; John Deere just ushered farmers into the 21st Century; and If we think inflation is bad in the US, just look at Argentina. Go beyond the headlines…

Rising urban Latino, Asian populations shake up redistricting fight

Supreme Court weighs vaccine rules affecting more than 80M

We Are In a New Civil War … About What Exactly?

At-home businesses are growing. Women and people of color benefit the most

The Western megadrought is revealing America’s ‘lost national park’

Dogs Can Tell When You’re Speaking a Different Language, Scientists Find

Traffic Pollution Gives 2 Millions Kids Asthma Each Year

John Deere unveils first driverless tractor that can be controlled by farmers’ smartphones

In three decades the Argentine Peso equivalent to one dollar, is now worth less than 5 US cents

Mexican mother turned investigator puts her daughter’s brutal killers behind bars

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