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Spain’s abused children targeted with high-tech ads only they can see

Spain’s abused children targeted with high-tech ads only they can see

LatinaLista — Helping abused children in Spain just got a lot more personal and high-tech thanks to a new ad campaign that utilizes innovative technology to send a message that only children can see. The ANAR Foundation (Ayuda A Ninos Y Adolescentes En Riesgo, or Help For Children And Adolescents At Risk) erected a series

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Video: Veteran organizer Marshall Ganz shares his memories of working for social change with Cesar Chavez

LatinaLista — Economic inequality. Class inequality. Discrimination. Gender inequality. The list goes on and for veteran activist and organizer Marshall Ganz these issues are the focal points for social movements trying to effect meaningful social change. Sitting down with journalist Bill Moyers, Ganz shares his personal history of being an organizer, breaking down social movements


It doesn’t take a superhero to save the planet, just a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions

By Jaclyn Lopez LatinaLista Two pieces of startling, yet intertwined news made headlines this weekend: (1) we’re eleven hundredths away from hitting a new, grim climate change marker; and (2)climate change will cause widespread species extinctions. Scientists had originally reported that readings at the Mauna Loa observatory, where we measure the amount of carbon dioxide


Guest Voz: Why the Obama Administration Must Do More To Help Working-class Families on Housing

By Brent Wilkes America’s Wire WASHINGTON- By many accounts, the economy is prospering again and the housing market is on the road to recovery. But, reality is nowhere near as comforting as fiction, and the facts point to a very different reality faced by working families and minority communities, especially in the barrios. The Great


Guaraní People vs. Repsol: The Importance of Indigenous Self-Determination

By Mark Betancourt First People’s Worldwide In an open letter sent from a pan-Amazon meeting on climate change and Indigenous Peoples, Brazilian Indigenous leader declared, “we are tired of anthropologists, environmentalists, church-related organizations, and other specialists speaking for us and using us for their self-interest. Please respect our self-determination to make our own decisions.” This