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Report Alleges Discrimination Against ELLs in Louisiana

Report Alleges Discrimination Against ELLs in Louisiana

By Katherine Leal Unmuth Latino Ed Beat The Southern Poverty Law Center broadened its federal complaint against the Jefferson Parish Public School System in Louisiana regarding the district’s treatment of Latino immigrant families this week. The SPLC alleges that the school district is inadequately serving its students who are English Language Learners. The newest charges

A tale of unwritten Mexican-American history told on the Mississippi Delta Tamale Trail

By Jacqueline Armijo Borderzine EL PASO — Fresh steaming tamales are sold out of small shacks, directly from vans, and by “tamale ladies” from their homes all along the “Tamale Trail” on the good old Mississippi Delta. “There is a tradition among some African-Americans in Mississippi, Louisiana, little dots on a map going all the

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Video: Northwestern students challenge administrators and classmates to re-evaluate diversity and racism on campus

LatinaLista — The U.S. Supreme Court hasn’t released their ruling yet on the college affirmative action case of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin but it hasn’t stopped pundits from talking about the issue. And that’s a good thing but the people who really need to be talking about it, because it affects them

Central American leaders greet Obama in Costa Rica wanting a new relationship with Washington

By Florisabel Rodríguez LatinaLista Costa Rica is a small country, the size of West Virginia, with a population of 4.5 million inhabitants. It is known for having the longest and most developed democracy in Latin America, a peaceful history, advanced social development and no military. Nowadays, however, it faces the same problems as its Central

Did you know that Christopher Columbus is buried in two places?

By Miguel Pérez Hidden Hispanic Heritage To most Spaniards, Christopher Columbus rests where he belongs: in the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria, in Seville, Spain, the city from where he set sail for the New World in 1492. But to most Dominicans, Columbus rests where he wanted to be buried: in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic,