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LatinaLista — Campaign:  The New Cuba Libre!   On September 19, 2015, Pope Francis lands at the José Martí International Airport in Havana, Cuba. He says:                     “In the words of José Martí,                  the process of normalizing the relations between people                 is a sign of the victory of culture and encounter,                 […]


By retired Rear Adm. Will Rodriguez, U.S. Navy LatinaLista   Early in 1980, the United States Navy was concerned about the lack of Hispanic representation within their officer corps—specifically their senior officer corps—and the lack of Hispanic applicants for officer programs. Troubled by this situation, then Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Edward Hidalgo, established […]


By Bert Gambini Futurity   When thinking about topics like political candidates or social policies, we tend to seek information that backs up our existing opinions and beliefs while avoiding contrary views. This is selective exposure, and internet technologies are likely exacerbating this behavior, according to Ivan Dylko, an assistant professor in the communication department […]


By NALEO Educational Fund LatinaLista   Changes to how nation draws state legislative districts could result in approximately 55 percent of the Latino population being excluded if only eligible voters were counted.   Less than one year away from Election 2016, oral arguments in the Evenwel v. Abbott (commonly referred to as “one person, one vote”) […]


SaludToday   Latinos tend live in neighborhoods with few supermarkets and other sources of healthy, affordable food options, but several promising solutions are emerging, according to a new package of research from Salud America!, a national network for Latino childhood obesity prevention funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and based at the UT Health Science […]


LatinaLista —  Campaign:  Salud Sin Papeles : Health Undocumented   It all starts with Jason Odhner. Jason, a nurse and an activist, is a pioneer for his cause. He tears down walls that deny many in the undocumented community a basic human right: access to healthcare. In 2012, he partnered with Bob and Amy McMullen […]


By Peter Reynosa LatinaLista   This year Latinos officially became the largest ethnic group in California at 39 percent, and according to U.S. Census projections, Latinos will make up 31 percent of the national population by 2043. The past and present achievements of Latinos in America are various and far-reaching. But it’s now time for […]


By Kelsey Sheehy NerdScholar   We all know how dull completing forms can be. But the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is one form that’s well worth your time. Filling out the FAFSA can make you eligible for multiple types of financial aid — including grants, scholarships, loans and work-study — to fund some […]


LatinaLista —  Campaign: Activist Print   Activist Print is a collaboration between The Andy Warhol Museum and a local screen printing collective, Artist Image Resource (AIR). It is inspired by the long history of artists using silkscreen and/or print based media to raise awareness of contemporary issues and inspire change. Among the world's most comprehensive single-artist museums, The […]


LatinaLista — Are young people becoming less kind with one another? Less willing to help each other? Most would say no. After all, one only has to look at the success of the many crowdfunding and social media campaigns. Yet, there’s no denying that for those young people who directly experience the ugliness of humanity, […]


LatinaLista —  Campaign:  Pine Ridge Holiday Toy Drive   The poverty on Pine Ridge Reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota can be described in no other terms than third world. It is common to find homes overcrowded, as those with homes take in whoever needs a roof over their heads. Many homes are without running water, […]


LatinaLista — Campaign: Down to Earth Climate Justice Storytelling Project In the 1980s, Andy Burt had the experience of bringing Central American people and their powerful stories of human rights abuses into mainstream Indiana communities, where, to his surprise, the stories helped to seed a refugee sanctuary movement.  Today he believe there is no bigger problem […]