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Crowdfunder: Climate Justice Storytelling Project

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Campaign: Down to Earth Climate Justice Storytelling Project

In the 1980s, Andy Burt had the experience of bringing Central American people and their powerful stories of human rights abuses into mainstream Indiana communities, where, to his surprise, the stories helped to seed a refugee sanctuary movement. 

Today he believe there is no bigger problem than global climate change. In Maine, he's met a number of activists of all ages who are putting their values and passion to work for climate justice. His experience in the Midwest led him to believe in the power of stories to change hearts and minds. Now, he's working with videographer Charlie Hudson to bring these Maine stories, told by a new generation of activists, to audiences that might need a gentle nudge. 

With their film of inspiring stories as a centerpiece, they plan to facilitate workshops that will help participants explore their own values and how they might address the urgent climate crisis.

The team is creating a journaling workbook that draws from the filmed stories and may guide people into deeper personal and community commitment to climate and social justice activism.

They are developing several different modes to present the Down to Earth materials. They hope to engage people of all ages, both the choir and those sitting on the fence, who may be moved to join the climate justice movement.

Some of their plans include: 

  • A four-week experience that includes four workshops featuring their film, invited guest activists, visioning exercises, and time for sharing workshop participants' own stories arising out of daily journaling in the workbook guide.
  • A virtual workshop experience similar to the one described above.
  • A two-hour workshop including the film and time for reflection on filmed stories that spoke to audience members. A handout with opportunities for further reflection and action steps and resources.

With financial help, the group plans to complete the film and materials and take the workshop on the road and into virtual reality. 

The campaign's goal is $6,000.


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