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Could Technology Access be a Factor in Blacks’ and Latinos’ Abilities to Successfully Participate in Online Courses?

By Tiffany Bain Broadband & Social Justice When it comes to furthering one’s education beyond high school, online courses can be a convenient alternative to traditional face-to-face class meetings. However, a recent working paper that analyzed how 40,000 Washington State community college and technical students’ grades fared in nearly 500,000 online courses suggested that for

The future of the U.S. Catholic Church depends on Latinos

By Insight Tr3s LatinaLista Earlier this month, Hispanics celebrated the election of Pope Francis, the first Latino to hold the papacy. People of Latin origin are driving Catholicism’s worldwide growth, so clearly the College of Cardinals knew their target audience when they chose a South American as the next pontiff. However, while Catholicism is the

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Video: Latina author strives to correct the historical record of Latinos in the Southwest

LatinaLista — Author Paulina Rael Jaramillo has a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and though it seems like an unlikely background for a writer whose third book is focused on the American Southwest, it’s perfect. In her book, The American Southwest: Pride~Prejudice~Perseverance, Jaramillo presents a historical overview of the various cultures, from ancient times to

NRA’s LaPierre offends and endangers Latinos with latest arguments for gun rights

LatinaLista — By now, most people recognize Wayne LaPierre’s face than remember his name. It’s no wonder. Ever since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, he’s been on the offensive on behalf of the National Rifle Association where he’s the executive vice president. LaPierre has gotten a reputation for being a staunch defender of gun

Latino online visionaries to be recognized at official Latino SXSW Interactive event

LatinaLista — SXSW has evolved into one of the premier seen-and-be-seen events in the country. The only problem was Latinos, as an organized group, were barely seen at all. That changed last year when Austin-based Cultural Strategies launched The Social Revolución during SXSW Interactive. Described as “an interactive movement of Latinos using social media to

Attempts to sow distrust between Latinos and Obama won’t work this time around

LatinaLista — It wasn’t but days after the presidential showdown between Obama and Romney that everyone — from media political analysts to veteran GOP politicians — admitted, if not somewhat grudgingly or incredulously, that Obama’s win could be credited in a very large part to the Latino turnout. Everbody knew, whether they went on the