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Alarming rates of diabetes in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood call for preventive measures

Alarming rates of diabetes in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood call for preventive measures

By Sandra Treviño Extra News November is National Diabetes Awareness month. According to the latest estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes. If current trends continue, as many as 1 in 3 adults in the US could have diabetes by 2050. Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood stands out

World Diabetes Day — An observance that should be on every Latino’s calendar

LatinaLista — Obesity is at a crisis stage in the Latino community. The Office of Minority Health reported in September that: Among Mexican American women, 78 percent are overweight or obese, as compared to only 60.3 percent of the non-Hispanic White women. In 2010, Hispanic Americans were 1.2 times as likely to be obese than

Overwhelming support of Obama gives rise to new questions for Latinos’ political future

LatinaLista — If there is one crystal clear revelation about the Latino electorate from election night polling data, it’s that the overriding sentiment among the majority of Latino voters is that the GOP does not share their values — anymore. Poll data underscoring this reality is repeatedly surfacing in analysis after analysis. The latest data

New database shows which US counties undergoing Latino growth

LatinaLista — There’s no denying the Latino population is growing. With the growth, there comes a growing debate as to how to classify Latinos — as a race or as an ethnic group? Classifying Latinos as a race removes Latinos from self-identifying as white, black, Native American, etc. and creates a separate category. Labeling Latinos


Immigration Influx Divides Heavener, Oklahoma

By Ron J. Jackson Jr. Oklahoma Watch HEAVENER — Atop Poteau Mountain, cloaked by white oak, black locust and other towering trees, sits the mysterious runestone. Ever since its discovery in 1874, experts have passionately debated whether the runic carvings on the stone were actually created by Viking explorers. Today, a new dispute grips this

Early voting trends showing Latino voters won’t disappoint at the polls

LatinaLista — The warnings have been non-stop — Latinos won’t turn out to vote or Latinos won’t turn out in any greater number than 2008. Forget that voter registration rates are up among Latinos in four states that report by ethnicity, according to Pew Hispanic. There is not yet any nationwide data on Latino voter