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Today’s Crowdfunding Campaign: Francisco Needs Scoliosis Surgery

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Today’s Campaign: Francisco Needs Scoliosis Surgery

Since a young age Francisco has suffered from spina bifida and severe scoliosis in his native Ecuador. And though he has managed to overcome these challenges so far, and make due for the first 10 years of his young life (he’s really a trooper!), his condition is unfortunately only going to get worse.

As he grows he may soon lose the ability to walk and so, campaign organizers are desperately trying to bring him to the United States to get the surgery he needs.

There is a phenomenal surgeon and partner hospital ready to take care of him as soon as possible so any further complications can be prevented and he can get back on track to live a normal, happy, healthy life, with help from SpineHope.

SpineHope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing advanced spinal treatments directly to underprivileged children around the world.

SpineHope has traditionally been recognized as a nonprofit that does work internationally, coordinating medical missions that handle complex spine deformity cases for children. But just this year SpineHope successfully launched a program (the Hub Program) in which they bring select children to Austin, TX for their spine surgical treatment.

These patients come from countries where there is currently no access to adequate treatment and where there currently isn’t an outreach program or medical mission that can treat them locally. Francisco is one such child.

SpineHope has managed to get many of the medical expenses donated but there are other expenses: Legal fees for immigration and medical visa applications and approvals; All needed prescriptions pre- and post-operation; International flights for patient and 1 parent;

Housing accommodations and food during each stay, along with other supplies.

The campaign’s goal is to raise $8,000 and it ends on August 29.

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