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Latina entrepreneur creates new foundation to help the needy of Honduras

LatinaLista — Whenever there is talk of immigrants, it’s always about how they want to achieve the “American Dream.” Well, a second part of that Dream is how these same immigrants help their families left behind. Usually, it’s in the form of remittances sent back to the families but sometimes it’s bigger than that.
This is one of those times.
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Daisy Ramirez, founder and president of North Carolina-based Potencia Energy drink, is originally from Honduras. She has spent the last ten years working towards her American Dream. It was a dream she planned to share with her family back in Honduras but, unfortunately, tragedy recently struck Daisy when she lost her father Juan Ramirez.
Daisy always knew that she wanted to help her home country and with the death of her father she knew what she had to do. She’s channelled her grief in the creation of the Juan Ramirez Foundation.
As Daisy says:

Our Foundation is dedicated to bringing better heathcare to all children and seniors alike in Tegucigalpa Honduras. We will work hard to be sure everyone who needs a wheelchair or walker gets one. Anyone who needs medician gets it, anyone who needs healthcare finds it and remind people that no one is unimportant!
We will also take your donations to children with no shoes, children with no clothes will be clothed and we will work to bring knowledge and love to those who need it most.
We will even bring your donated toys and gifts to those who are without. We will brighten the smiles of all the beautiful children and let them know they are loved and there are people who care .

The Foundation has a wish list of items that they would like to see donated for those in need in Honduras and, of course, money is always helpful in paying for shipping costs and buying extra items.
Daisy’s creation of this Foundation in her father’s honor is a perfect example of how migrant prosperity earned in the US should be used to elevate the quality of living back in these countries that suffer third world conditions and which are on the doorstep of the United States, but too often below the radar of most Americans.

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