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Cancer and Insurance: A Latino’s Story


Gabriel, a part-time student with no insurance, is an acute myeloid leukemia survivor.

But he hadn’t had any checkups for nearly three years.

Then he found LIVESTRONG cancer services, which help the uninsured with accessing medical treatments and medical devices, finding assistance with insurance denials/appeals, handling debt and financial management issues related to a cancer diagnosis, learning about resources for financial assistance, and applying for federal/state programs, such as Medicaid, Social Security, etc.

“I never knew LIVESTRONG had services for young adults. It’s not like other places I’ve gone. The process was easy, and the navigator helped me find insurance that wasn’t too expensive,” Gabriel said. “He connected me to an organization that could help me with financial assistance, and he also helped me apply for two scholarships that I ended up receiving.”

For more information on LIVESTRONG services for the uninsured, call 855-220-7777 or go here.

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