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Latina Lista now featured in Mexico City newspaper blog

LatinaLista — To many people on this side of the border, there is the feeling that Mexico has abandoned those people who have illegally crossed over the border to live in the shadows of U.S. society. The assumption is that the average Mexican doesn’t care what is happening to his paisanos and paisanas in the United States.
That is hardly the case.
Mexicans do care and they have strong feelings about the issue. The problem is they just don’t always have the opportunity to read different U.S.-based perspectives on the issue — until now.

In a groundbreaking move, the most widely read newspaper in Mexico, and the most influential in Mexico City, El Universal, has created a new blog simply titled “Migrantes.”
On this blog are four writers from the United States — Latina Lista (a.k.a. Marisa Treviño) is one of them.
Each of us is based in different regions of the country and will attempt to share our viewpoints on what is happening with the Mexican migrant community.
If you can read Spanish, you will see that the comments feature a wide array of opinions on what the U.S. government should do, what Mexico’s responsibility is for the migrants and how accountable the migrants themselves should be held.
It is an interesting project that I’m excited to be a part of and which has already illustrated that U.S. and Mexican citizens have a lot more viewpoints in common than not.

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