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Campus Visits: What you Need to Ask

By Veronikha Salazar
La Voz Latina

I know they (campus visits) are very important; especially if you are first generation student. So, based on my 12 years of experience of working with college students, I would like you to start thinking about visiting some campuses.

I do not only want you to make a list of them and search on the web about what those schools are like; but to intentionally schedule campus visits.

Many schools can tell you many things on paper or on the web; but there is a popular saying ‘ver para creer’ (see to believe) that is very true. You need to see where you will potentially spend 4 (or more) years of your life. And, of course, you need to choose wisely. This place will become a place where you will learn, work, eat, sleep and play. This will be your home!

So, go ahead, and plan a visit to school campuses. It’s VERY vital you see the school for yourself and not rely only on what the brochures, catalogs, and counselors tell you.

You need first-hand insight. You need to find out for yourself that specific school is the right fit for you. Not for your friends, not for your parents; but for you!

Most, if not all, schools offer free campus visit or tours of their campuses at no charge. So, ask about it to the counselors of the schools you are considering. Trust me, a campus visit not only will help you narrow down the choices, but it can influence your decision when it comes to the school you will want to go and get a degree from.

This visit will give you a clear picture not only of the facilities the schools have; but also of the people that work there, students that go there and the whole college environment.

So, besides the guided tour of the campus, explore the school on your own. School Ambassadors/Guides will show you the school’s selling points….to persuade you into coming there; so it’s your job to explore the school on your own; but most importantly it is important you ask some questions.

Questions like:

  • How many hours does a student spend doing academic work per week?
  • How much writing/reading is required of students?
  • What is the average class size of introductory classes?
  • Do students have opportunities to be mentored by other peers/faculty?
  • What’s the ratio of students to faculty members?
  • What opportunities are there for undergraduate research?
  • What is your average financial aid package?
  • How many student organizations does the school have?
  • What work-study opportunities are there?
  • What is your four-year (Hispanic) graduation rate?
  • What type…

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