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San Antonio says ‘Bienvenidos’ to Google Fiber

By Jose Arredondo
La Prensa

Google Fiber’s ultra fast internet makes its way to the fast-growing city of San Antonio, Texas.

Mayor Ivy Taylor made the googly-announcement this past Wednesday.

This fairly new internet service is said to bring 1,000 megabits per second which exceeds the average American broadband speed currently at 11.9 megabits per second. Google Fiber offers Internet service alone at $70 per month. However, it also has one gigabit Internet service and a little more than 150 cable TV channels for $130 per month.

The Alamo city is one of the 12 “fiber” cities and is the largest to land Google Fiber. The words “a city on the rise” were echoed throughout the announcement.

“San Antonio is a city on the rise, it is a city that you can build,” Geekdom director Lorenzo Gomez said. “Very few people can build a city in their lifetime.”

Gomez is an advocate for Google Fiber because it fulfills every need in the 80/20 foundation, a private foundation which invests in programs to encourage entrepreneurship, STEM education, and development in downtown San Antonio.

Gomez aspires that Fiber becomes the catalyst in placing Geekdom on the levels of Rackspace. He called Fiber a “game changer.”

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor, who has pushed for Fiber since becoming mayor, shared her thoughts on the “historic” moment…

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