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Student group unites Mexicanos in San Antonio

By Lea Thompson
La Prensa

San Antonio.- International students attend college in the U.S. for quality educational experiences, but the problem occurs when they choose to return home.

Student groups like the Mexicanos at the University of Incarnate Word (UIW) hope to prevent that “brain drain” by creating professional and social resources for students on campus.

“There are students here from Monterrey, Mexico City, all over the country, but there was no united Mexican group,” Diego Flores, an International student, a UIW sophomore said.

“A lot of them follow this routine of go to school, eat something, then go home. But they’re missing all the social interaction, and networking events and the summits; they were missing the cool things about college.”

After speaking with his friends who were also International students, Flores decided that the Mexican students needed a resource to help connect them with professors, fellow students and the San Antonio community.

Flores recalled the difficulties he faced when he first attended the university, particularly with making connections and friends.

“At some point because I wasn’t getting involved as much, I was thinking about going back to Mexico,” Flores said. “I know this happens to a lot of people, because they’ve told me.”

Since Jan. 2015, Flores and his friends have developed an organization that welcomes Mexican students and gives them a voice at the school. The organization works with the University to find available jobs and workshops and to create opportunities if there are none available.

Each member is provided with a mentor who has been at the University for at least two years, and the

organization provides members with opportunities to give feedback about their school experience or to find tutoring resources.

“I know there’s a lot of talent coming in from Mexico because they want to have a better life,” Flores said…

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