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The Lucrative Business of Chilean Fruit in Delaware

By Fernando Alcayaga
El Tiempo Hispano

Let’s do an experiment. Go to your refrigerator and take that apple you just bought at the supermarket. Turn over the fruit until you find the label stuck to it. What did you find?

If you found the word Chile … then you’re one of the thousands of consumers of Chilean products arriving at the port of Wilmington after traveling half the planet.

A third of Chilean fruit exports go to the United States. And it is the port of Wilmington who benefits the most from this economic exchange, receiving high quality fresh fruit ready for dispatch all over the east coast.

For this reason the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, met with local politicians and businessmen from Delaware to celebrate the start of agricultural exports with zero tariffs -free tax- according to the provisions of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States in 2004.

For Michelle Bachelet this visit was to “improve and extend links between Chile and this region, so we can do more and better business and generate more jobs and prosperity for our people.”

“This is a great opportunity to learn more about of one of the most modern and relevant US ports and, of course, I feel especially honored with the presentation of the plaque that was unveiled to commemorate this visit as a symbol of the brotherhood between Chile and the United States,” said the Chilean president.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, who in his youth lived in Chile, said…

(Featured Photo: Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet on her tour of Wilmington, Delaware food market.)

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