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Crowdfunder: Sharing rich history and emotions of Day of the Dead ritual in multi-media

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Campaign: Day of the Dead

DAY OF THE DEAD – A human celebration of life – is a contemporary artistic experience which will allow viewers to go deep inside of a never told story about this annual ritual subscribed in 2008 to the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list. 

The simple question —SUPPOSE THAT ONE DAY YOU WANTED TO TALK WITH SOMEONE WHO IS IMPORTANT TO YOU WHO PASSED AWAY— may be the main idea to peer inside one of the most world´s widely known cultural celebrations. San Miguel de Allende-based photographer, Jesus Alexander, finds that most of the time, people only can see the surface of this annual event. During the last 6 months, he has been working to produce a contemporary photographic artwork to let the world know why this Mexican celebration is an important human cultural heritage.

A very pure and clear message for those who have lost a friend, brother, sister, child, or parent to understand the deep vision about a celebration of life and honor to dead ones.

Alexander will be using different artistic techniques or expressions, with the support of a team comprised of Mexican and international artists, professional consultants, designers, activists and networkers. The different techniques include: a human art Installation, the creation of a film of the installation, a large-scale outdoor photo installation and a 200-edition book with photographic footage sharing  ten years of observance around the Day of The Dead in Michoacán, the state where this celebration remains alive and deeply rooted with the authentic prehispanic ritual.

The outdoor photo installation is schedule to open on November 1, 2015.

The campaign's goal is $9,790.00





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